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AFD Assists Toledo With Water Situation; Fulton County Areas Impacted

The Archbold Fire Department, along with Wauseon and Lyons fire departments, have assisted the City of Toledo with their ongoing water situation.

At about 2 am Satuday, Aug. 2, Toledo City officials posted warnings that people not drink water produced by the Toledo municipal water treatment and distribution system, due to an algae bloom in Lake Erie.

The bloom created toxins in the water that could cause a variety of physical ailments, up to and including liver damage.

Archbold, and other Fulton County Water systems– Swanton, Delta, Wauseon, and Fayette, were not affected. Water from those systems is safe to drink.

Toledo city residents, and others who get their water from the Toledo municipal system, have been scrambling for bottled water. Saturday morning, some Archbold stores were sold out or nearly sold out of stocks of bottled water.

Andy Brodbeck, Archbold Fire Department chief said at about 6 pm Saturday night, Aug. 2, AFD dispatched fire tanker truck 106 to the Lucas County Ohio Department of Transportation garage. 

AFD received its dispatch orders from the Ohio Fire Chiefs Emergency Response Plan. Brodbeck said the state organization keeps a list of fire departments and their equipment. Fire units are dispatched in response to emergencies.

Brodbeck said Tanker 106, which can carry 2,400 gallons of water, was sent to Olander Park in Sylvania, which has a spring-fed 28-acre lake.

Pumps there pumped water into fire tankers from Archbold, Wauseon, and Lyons. The tankers then took the water to Woodward High School in North Toledo, where the Ohio National Guard had set up a water purification system.

Brodbeck said the tanks were able to shuttle enough water to keep up with, and get ahead of the National Guard’s filtration system. 

Water purified by the National Guard system was then distributed in bulk to area residents.

Brodbeck said 106 was released early Sunday morning, but the other tankers remained on duty.

Fulton County

Portions of Fulton County were impacted by the Toledo water situation.

Customers who get the potable (drinking) water from the Swancreek Water Distribution System, or Fulton County’s Northeast water system were advised not to drink, cook with, or otherwise consume the water.

Those systems tap into Toledo’s municipal distribution system for their water supply.

Toni Shindler, Fulton County’s marketing and communications director, said affected customers were in Amboy, Fulton, Royalton, and Swancreek Townships, and the Village of Metamora.

Those who get their water from wells are not impacted, she said.

Those who can’t drink their water could get free water, both in bulk and in bottles, from three locations in Fulton County. Those sites closed at 8 pm Sunday night. 

A fire tanker at the Metamora fire station was providing bulk water; persons were advised to bring their own bulk water containers. There was a limit of five gallons per household.

Bulk and bottled water wereavailable at the Swanton Fire Department, and at the Swanton Township Building, Co. Rds. D and 5-2.

Update: Shindler said the Swanton and Metamora fire departments will open at 9 am Monday, Aug. 4, and will distribute both bulk and bottle water.  The Swancreek Township Building will open at 9 am and have bottle water, but bulk water may be available. 

Shindler said bottled water for distribution in Fulton County came from CVS Pharmacies in Novi, Mich. She said Sunday night, another truckload was expected.

Water from the Michigan pharmacies was arranged by the State of Ohio, she said.


Shindler said Fulton County’s Emergency Operations Center has been activated.–posted 8:42 pm Sunday, Aug. 3, 2014

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