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Advisors Recognized At Annual 4-H Banquet

The Fulton County 4-H program held its annual 4- H Advisor Recognition Banquet, Sunday, Nov. 18.

Advisors who achieved five, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 35 years of service were recognized:

Five years: John Alexander, Sarah Alexander, Tabitha Bergstedt, Jayson Blaylock, Kisha Genter, Bruce Holland, Allyssa Lane, Melissa O’Neil, Craig Pember, Karen Pennington, Kylie Reckner, Leah Schrock, Susan Starr, Chrissy Stuckey, Mark Stuckey.

10 years: Jessica Double, Kyle Link, Bridgett Miller, Mary Mohler.

15 years: Christina Holland, Catherine King, Jean Kovar, Terry Kovar, Brittanie Ledyard, Catherine Mielke, Carma Miller West, Shelly Morrin, Pat Schroeder, Christina Seiler.

20 years: Ann Lee, Denny Reckner, Terra Riegsecker, Laurie Rufenacht, Matthew Rufenacht, Kimberly Smallman, Peggy Smith, Jon Strauss.

25 years: Becky Ehrsam, Ron Ehrsam.

30 years: Herb Harris, Nancy Krieger.

Honors, Awards

Honors and awards were presented to 4-H clubs for their participation in community services and for achieving “Honor Club” status.

To be selected as a 4-H Honor Club, a club must perform community service in the Fulton County area and acquire the 125 minimum points earned through participation in various 4-H events and activities throughout the year.

Achieving Honor Club status for 2012: 4-H Gainers and Leaders, Fulton Fantastics, Goats and “Udder” Things, Hoppin’ & Trottin’, Horse Hogs, Nifty 4-Hers, Roamin’ Country Raisers, Etc., and Young Frontiers.

All Fulton County 4-H clubs participate in community services from beautification projects to recycling and roadside cleanups. Fundraisers are also conducted with the proceeds donated to various charitable organizations and benefits.

The 2012 Outstanding Community Service Clubs are: Country Achievers, Goats and “Udder” Things, Hoppin’ & Trottin’, Nifty 4-Hers, Pike X-L, Roamin’ Country Raisers, Etc., and Young Frontiers.

Each year two special awards are given for Outstanding 4-H Alumni and Friends of 4-H. The Outstanding 4-H Alumni are Ann Kirkum, Kelly and Vickie Barber, and Randy Shumaker.

The 2012 Friends of 4-H are Huntington Bank and Alan and Nancy Garrow.

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