Archbold, OH

Adult Activities Popular In Survey

There is a strong interest to include adult fitness to Archbold Parks & Recreation Department programs

Jennifer Kidder, director, said the recent survey results surprised park board members.

Of the 406 surveys mailed, 123 were returned, or 31%. Ninety-one percent said they visited an Archbold park in the last year.

“We were excited to see the percentage,” she said.

Overall, people are pleased with the programs, she said.

A total of 71% of the respondents believe the park board is either excellent or above average. Another 18% believe the programs are average. Less than 1% believe they are below average.


Kidder said one of the biggest things is the emphasis on sports.

“Sports programs always have been successful, so we focus on that.”

She said the board will consider having more things, not just sports-related.

While kids are the major focus, the board will look at options for other age groups.

“We’ll try to branch out, to reach more people,” she said.

Kidder said the park offers some adult sports, and works with the Fulton County Health Center for exercise classes.


When asked what capital projects the park board should add, 59 of the 128 who responded were either interested, 25 responses, or very interested, 33 responses, in an indoor swimming pool.

A community center had 59 responses; 36 interested, and 23 very interested.

Fifty-two were either interested or very interested in a multi-purpose field house, 39 were interested in an ice rink, 32 in a Frisbee golf course, and 17 in-line skating and/or skateboarding.

This is the third survey by park board.

“People are constantly asking for a community center, or an indoor pool.

“We would love the opportunity to provide both, but it’s just not feasible,” because of the expense, she said.


Kidder said park board will review the survey, and put together a priority list. They will use it to determine future projects.

Some projects completed as a result of two past surveys include the Memorial Park playground, restrooms in Memorial Park, plus new restrooms in Ruihley Park, and additional sidewalks in Memorial Park.

“The biggest one of all is Woodland Park,” she said.- David Pugh

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