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Additional Junior Fair Results

Additional winners from the 2014 Fulton County Junior Fair. Previous results were published in the Sept. 3 issue of the Archbold Buckeye.

Winners are listed by name, parents’ names, town, and category, when the information was available.

Dairy Cows

Emalee Stewart, Brandon & Colleen, Wauseon, senior showmanship 15 & older, free for all showmanship cow bell, reserve champion senior dairy, reserve champion dairy cow; Anneli Shaw, Brian & Amy, Wauseon, showmanship 11- 14, reserve champion junior dairy; Aaliyah Glover, Justin & Casey, Wauseon, showmanship 10 & under; Trent Schroeder, Billy & Brenda, Wauseon, Holstein showmanshipmodel cow; Jensi Shaw, Brian & Amy, Wauseon, grand champion junior dairy; Austin Krieger, Shawn & Kim, Wauseon, grand champion senior dairy, grand champion dairy cow.


Dairy Goats: Esther Heilman, Brad & Pam, Delta, senior showmanship 15 & over, grand champion dairy goat dry, grand champion dairy goat wet; Paige Holdridge, Mollie & Gabe, Delta, showmanship 13-14, grand champion market goat, Lydia Heilman, Brad & Pam, Delta, showmanship 11-12; Arika Zeiter, Bradley & Carla, Holland, showmanship 10 & under, reserve champion dairy goat dry; Claire Foor, Clayton & Beth, Archbold, reserve champion market goat; Rylee Svoboda, Jim & Cheryl, Swanton, reserve champion dairy goat wet.

Pygmy Goats: Shiloh Reynolds, Douglas & Angela, Toledo, senior pygmy showmanship 14 and older; Jessalyn Lohmeyer, Bethany, Swanton, showmanship 11-13; Bella Strauss, Tim & Kelly, Wauseon, showmanship 10 & under; Matthew Gladieux, Aaron & Dina, Fayette, grand champion pygmy goat; Ryeanna Klopfenstein, Tim & Stephanie, Archbold, reserve champion pygmy goat.

Market Boar Goats: Noah Tedrow, Neil & Carmen, Delta, grand champion boer/boer cross breed, showmanship 12-13; Bailey O’Neil, Mark & Melissa, Delta, reserve champion boer/boer cross breed; Jolyssa Tedrow, Tina & Alex, Wauseon, showmanship 16 & over, goats showman of showman representative; Tony Banister, Chad & Kris, Wauseon, showmanship 14-15; Jaden Banister, Troy & Jen, Wauseon, showmanship 11 & under, reserve champion boer market goat; Trinity Martinez, Jen Johnson, Metamora, & JD Martinez, Wauseon, grand champion boer market goat.

Pack Goat Classes: Kathryn Helminiak, Sandra, Maumee, first year; Arika Zeiter, Bradley & Carla, Holland, second year; James Malcom Mujaahid, Kimberly Mock, Wauseon, third year.


Paige Keefer, Brian & Danni, Fayette, showmanship 17 & older; Casen Burkholder, Randy & Carol, Fayette, showmanship 16; Neila Kinsman, Lynn & Kimberly, Archbold, showmanship 13-15, senior division skillathon winner, outstanding sheep exhibitor; John Jacoby, John & Callie, Wauseon, showmanship 12, sheep breeding-yearling ewe, reserve champion breeding ewe, junior division skillathon winner; Karsen Pursel, Jason & Karla, Archbold, showmanship 10-11; Hannah Kovar, Terry & Jean, Fayette, showmanship 9 & under, reserve champion born & raised market lamb, reserve champion market lamb, overall reserve champion market lamb; Troy King, Duane & Jenifer, Pettisville, champion born & raised market lamb, champion market lamb, overall champion market lamb; Casen Burkholder, Randy & Carol, Fayette, sheep breeding-ewe lamb, aged ewe, junior sheep flock, grand champion breeding ewe.

Showman Of Showmen

Emily Smith, Curt & Marcene, Metamora, small animal winner; Samantha Norman, Roy & Anna, Wauseon, large animal winner.

Booth Winners

Roamin’ Country Raisers, 1st; Horse Hogs, second, people’s choice; Just Raisin’ Hare, third.

Outstanding Projects

4-H photography project: Mikayla Rochelle, Mike & Kerri, Swanton; 4-H woodworking project: Kassi Studer, Gene & Linda, Delta.


Junior Fair Queen: Kaitlin Ruetz, Chuck & Jennifer, Swanton; Junior Fair King: Connor Ruetz, Chuck & Jennifer, Swanton.


Emily Smith, Curt & Marcene, Metamora, showmanship 17 & older; Breanna Demaline, Kim & Jill, Wauseon, showmanship 16; Eden Eisel, Philip & Lara, Berkey, showmanship 15; Hannah Stinson, Barry & Lori, Swanton, showmanship 14; Gretchen Lee, Chris & Char, Pettisville, showmanship 13; Cassidy Vanderveer, Shawn & Katrina, Wauseon, showmanship 12, grand champion market rabbit-fryer; Briley Rupp, Debbie, Wauseon, showmanship 11; Brooke Vanderveer, Shawn & Katrina, Wauseon, showmanship 10; Paige Radel, Joshua & Carrie, Lyons, showmanship 9; Nicholas Wacha, Steve & Kristin, Waterville, showmanship 8; Kayla Wyse, Eugene & Judy, Wauseon, reserve champion market rabbitfryer; Katelyn Spalding, David & Kathy, Whitehouse, grand cham- pion market rabbit-roaster; Abagail Wyse, Lindsay Meyer & Seth Wyse, Defiance, reserve champion market rabbit-roaster; Nathaniel Ballmer, Mark & Jackie, Fayette, grand champion breed rabbit; Jada Reinking, Dean & Diane, Fayette, reserve champion breed rabbit.


Hannah Herr, Tommy & Jenny, Metamora, senior showmanship, Senior Western Performance Hi Point-reserve champion, Senior English High Point-grand champion; Mary Miller, Roy & Kathy, Delta, senior horsemanship, reserve versatility champion, Taneeca Klostermeier award; Emily Friend, Richard & Robin, Liberty Center, senior Western Riding, Senior Western Performance Hi-Point-grand champion, Senior English High Point-reserve grand champion; Halie Johnstone, Stephen, Toledo, Senior Western Pleasure; Tyler Echler, Lee & Heather, Swanton, Pony Performance Hi Point-grand champion; Cassidy Ruetz, Mark & Sherri, Jasper, Pony Performance Hi Point reserve champion; McKenna Babcock, Erik, Sylvania, Walk Trot High Point grand champion; Madilynn Miller, Tim & Heather, Liberty Center, Walk Trot High Point reserve champion; Kaitlin Przepiora, Brian & Sandi, Delta, Senior Contesting High Point-grand champion; Jennaya Hibbard, Trevor & Lynnette, Fayette, Senior Contesting High Point reserve champion; Hanna Knapp, Greg & Missy, Liberty Center, Pony Contesting High Pointe grand champion; Harley VandeSande, Brandy Dotson & Adam VandeSande, Metamora, Pony Contesting High Point reserve champion; McKenna Schweinhagen, David & Michelle, Wauseon, versatility grand champion.


Broilers/Layers/Fancy: Emily Smith, Curt & Marcene, Metamora, senior showmanship 16 & older; James Eicher, Curt & Elaine, Wauseon, showmanship 15; Cody French, Paul & Holly, Wauseon, showmanship 14; Andrea Smithmyer, Dave & Lisa, Swanton, showmanship 13; Jessica French, Paul & Holly, Wauseon, showmanship 12; Hannah Gleckler, Matt & Melinda, Delta, showmanship 11; Levi Myers, Tim & Heather, Archbold, showmanship 10; Nathan Rupp, Mark & Darla, Pettisville, showmanship 9 & under; Ethon Pawlaczyk, Greg & Darla, Holland, poultry show off round showman of showman representative from Sr. A/B; Peyton Dickman, Norm & Lisa, Fayette, grand champion market broilers; Owen Cromly, Matt, Swanton, reserve champion market broilers; Alayna Jones, Mark & Penny, Delta, grand champion poultry production; Rachel Hicks, Richard & Mary, Swanton, reserve champion poultry production;

Lauren Smith, Jennifer, Swanton, grand champion fancy poultry; Simon Munger, Joe & Kelly, Delta, reserve champion fancy poultry.

Turkeys/Ducks/Geese: Ethon Pawlaczyk, Greg & Darla, Holland, senior showmanship 16 & older; Lauren Smith, Jennifer, Swanton, showmanship 14-15, reserve champion duck; Claire Smith, Curt & Marcene, Metamora, showmanship 13; Kevin Crisp, Michal & Michelle, Metamora, showmanship 11-12; Thomas Cromly, Matt, Swanton, showmanship 10 & under; Nicholas Heban, Denise & Dennis, Swanton, grand champion turkey, best of show for poultry; Maureen O’Neil, Joe & Paula, Lyons, reserve champion turkey; Emma Anderson, Bill & Monica, Delta, grand champion duck.


Mary Miller, Roy & Kathy, Delta, senior showmanship, 14 & older, sub novice B, hi-point dog obedience Shininger Scholarship; Mackenzie Morgan, Nathan & Heidi, Pettisville, showmanship 13 & under; Mary Beth Thompson, Rick & Dawn, Liberty Center, sub novice A.

Pedal Pulls

Zander Pennington, 25-40 pounds; Chase Wilkie, 41-54 lbs.; Kaden Burgstelt 55-70 lbs.; Jaden Snyder, 71-100 lbs.

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