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Add Flashing Stop Signs For Safety

Fulton County has been blessed with many attributes.

Because of the county’s history of good leadership and fiscal management, there are a great number of long, straight, flat, and smooth roads and highways. In many cases, they stretch as far as the eye can see.

But, those long, straight stretches are dotted with stop signs and dangerous intersections. Many drivers have carelessly driven through those intersections, and many horrible vehicle accidents and deaths have occurred.

Too often, drivers are mesmerized by the long, straight roads and sail right through intersections marked with stop signs.

There could be a cure to the problem because of an innovation in stop sign technology.

Stop signs can be modified with small, but bright, flashing lights located around the eight points of the octagonal signs. Powered by solar cells and batteries, they flash continually, 24 hours a day.

The blinking lights are visible at great distances in all kinds of weather. They serve to remind motorists to stop.

There is a cost involved, but not all intersections need stop signs with blinking lights. Intersections that have experienced a higher number of serious accidents, such as State Route 2-County Road 22, US 20ACounty Road 19, and State Route 2- County Road 24, for example, should take priority. They should be considered for all rural intersections.

If they help save one life or prevent life-changing injuries, isn’t the investment justified?

Shouldn’t we take advantage of every opportunity to improve traffic safety in Fulton County?

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