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ACT’s Production Of Tom Sawyer A Family Affair

Girls rolling hoops across the street. Barefoot young boys with buckets and fishing poles head to the river. Ladies stand and gossip at the corner while the sheriff keeps watch.

From the opening scenes to the last of Archbold Community Theatre’s coming production of “Tom Sawyer,” you feel transported back in time to a place filled with old-fashioned fun and adventure.

This classic is truly a family event… but not just for the audience. For more than a dozen cast members, the show is a family affair.

“This production is unique because we do have so many parents, children, and siblings,” Steve Van Sickle, Archbold, the show’s director, said.

“Normally we may have one or two siblings or a parent and child. In this show we have quite a few families with more than one sibling or with a parent and more than one child involved.

“It adds to the family feeling of the story, and I think really adds to the sense of community on stage.

“It all helps the production a lot!”

Each family had different reasons for getting involved originally. Ruthann Stuckey, 11, Archbold said, “I was sort of bored at home and I heard about this, so I decided to try out. My little sister tagged along. When Mom found out that they needed men to audition, she talked my dad into it.”

“Now Mom doesn’t have to drive us around!” pipes in 8- year-old sister Lynne.

“I think the greatest thing has been really seeing my kids interacting with the cast,” Dave Stuckey, Archbold, said.

“As a Dad, normally I just get to hear about what they do. This is a chance to experience something with them and see them in action, first hand.”

Tom Sawyer runs at Giffey Hall in Ridgeville Corners, September 21-22-28-29-30.


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