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ACT Production Of ‘Sabrina Fair’ Different Than Expected

If you saw the 1995 movie “Sabrina,” starring Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond, and you think you know the Archbold Community Theatre show, “Sabrina Fair,” you’re in for a surprise.

It’s the same basic story. The chauffeur’s daughter, back from Paris; the young playboy brother, David Larrabee; the serious, cynical brother, Linus, Jr., and all the other characters are there.

But it’s set in 1950s Long Island, not 1990s, and David, who’s a cad and a rake in the movie, is actually a much more sympathetic character as played by Elijah Thomas, Wauseon.

You disliked David in the movie. You feel sorry for the David on the ACT stage.

You may have been fond of Linus Jr. in the movie, but Gabe Smith, Archbold, plays Linus as kind of a smart-alecky, manipulative, smartest kid- in- the- class- andknows it kind of guy.

Thomas and Smith play their roles exceedingly well, so that it’s David and Linus on stage, not actors mouthing the lines of David and Linus.

It’s just so much different than the 1995 movie.

Samantha Moor, Wauseon, is an excellent Sabrina, but her Sabrina is more filled with girlish excitement and wide-eyed wonder than the movie Sabrina.

Jeff Roth, a veteran of the ACT stage, proves he’s a master of dialogue. He’s Paul D’Argenson, the French man who says he has come to sweep Sabrina away.

Roth’s French accent is beautiful, and he never breaks or slips into Northwest Ohio English.

Jeff Patterson, Archbold, plays Thomas Fairchild, Sabrina’s father and the Larrabee family chauffeur, well. Thomas is outraged when he hears of David’s plans to propose to Sabrina, and Patterson does outrage well.

Donna Kinsman, Archbold, is the family’s maid. Kinsman can tell you with just the turn of her heels and the angle of her chin what her character thinks about this and that.

Karen and Ken Bower, Toledo, are David and Linus Jr.’s parents, Linus and Maude Larrabee, Sr. Both are excellent, but Ken earns extra praise for taking a pompous, stuffed-shirt member of the country club crowd and making him even more insufferable.

Chelsea Reecer, Pettisville, is Julia, a contemporary of Maude and a friend of the Larrabee family.

Reecer’s Julia has an opinion and is going to share it with you, whether you want to hear it or not. She is bold and assertive, and Reecer does an excellent job with the role.

If you like your romance light with a touch of comedy, go see the ACT production of “Sabrina Fair.”

If you’re looking for a different take in the Sabrina storyline, go see “Sabrina Fair.”

If you’re looking for a good show with some fine acting, go see “Sabrina Fair.”

There are only three more chances: Friday and Saturday, April 5-6, at 7:30 pm, and Sunday, April 7, at 2:30 pm, at Giffey Hall in the Ridgeville Corners Theatre District.– David Pugh