Archbold, OH

ACT Presents Victorian Thriller “Angel Street”

Steve and Teresa Van- Sickle, Archbold, will play roles they’re familiar with in the Archbold Community Theatre performance of “Angel Street.”

The husband and wife duo will play husband and wife in the play, which is set in England’s Victorian Era of the 1880s.

Steve plays the role of Jack Manningham, a mysterious man who is attempting to drive his wife, Bella, played by Teresa, out of her mind to hide a criminal past.

Two servants– Nancy, played by Corryn Short, formerly of Wauseon, and Elizabeth, played by Jan Delaney, Archbold– contributed to, and defend, Bella from her madness.

Jack’s efforts to drive Bella mad are complicated by Inspector Rough, played by Randy Stuckey, West Unity.

Rough is trying to solve the murder of a young woman, a murder he believes Manningham committed, but he must have Bella’s help to solve the case.

Written in 1938 by Patrick Hamilton, a British dramatist, it was known in England as “Gas Light.” The first United States production opened on Broadway Dec. 5, 1941, and ran until 1945. It was revived in 1948 and again in 1975.

Michelle S. Johnson, Wauseon, directs “Angel Street.” Donna Kinsman, Archbold, is producer.

Bill Phelps, Archbold, headed set construction, and Tracy Ziegler, Archbold, runs the lights and sound. Ed Mooney, Continental, is the assistant director and a member of the crew. Shawn Liechty, rural Archbold, serves on the crew.

ACT presents “Angel Street” Friday and Saturday, March 5-6 and March 12-13, with a Sunday show March 14, at Giffey Hall in the Ridgeville Corners Theatre District.

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