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ABC 4 Maddy Fights On

She was a little girl, like so many others, with a cute smile and chubby cheeks. She could be shy with strangers, and when she had hair, she wore cute little barrettes in it.

But a lot of times she had no hair. It was lost to the powerful drugs she took to battle the cancer that eventually took her from us. It was a battle she and her family waged with dignity, bravery, and spirit.

And because of her example, an entire town fell in love with her and fought for her with all their might.

Often, with stories like this, the victim is mourned, then forgotten.

But not Maddy Lambert.

Even though Maddy is gone, Archbold continues to fight on in her behalf and name, continuing the fight against the cancer that took her life, and the lives of so many thousands of others.

Last week, news broke that ABC 4 Maddy, the Relay For Life team named in her honor, raised $35,000 to donate to cancer research. It is a new record for the annual countywide fund-raiser.

It is just one of many examples of how Maddy inspired people. A group of youngsters had their heads shaved to raise money to fight cancer. The high school boys basketball team, along with teachers and school administrators, lined up to have their heads shaved as well.

About a thousand people signed up to be potential bone marrow donors, when only a few hundred were expected.

Cancer is an evil beast, attacking young and old. But cancer should take heed… Archbold is in the fight. We don’t give up.

And we won’t forget Maddy.

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