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A Rose, And A Thorn, For APD

Archbold police officers have done an outstanding job of protecting the community of Archbold.

Recently, officers again started handing out a special kind of “ticket.” It’s a bicycle safety award, which they pass out to children on their two-wheelers who are wearing bike helmets. The awards are good for a small ice cream treat.

The awards encourage kids to wear helmets and give officers a chance to meet children in a non-confrontational way. It’s a chance to show children they don’t have to fear the police.

However, with bicycle season here, youngsters have again been spotted riding their bikes on downtown sidewalks.

It’s illegal to ride a bike, skateboard, in-line roller skates, or other such conveyance on downtown sidewalks. Several front doors of local business places open directly onto the sidewalk, which can, and has, led to collisions between pedestrians and cyclists.

A couple of collisions have resulted in broken bones.

Bicycle safety is important. Wear your helmets, but don’t ride on downtown sidewalks.

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