Archbold, OH
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Mostly clear

A Real Hero

JoAnn Cousino was doing her job, driving an 86-passenger school bus and dropping off children after school, Wednesday, March 27, when she looked at her rearview mirror and saw the unthinkable was about to happen.

A semi truck was hurtling toward the bus, and it was not stopping.

In a split second, Cousino had the presence of mind to shout, “Run!” to Clayten and Kelby Buehrer, ages 9 and 6, who had just gotten off the bus. Cameron Lemley 13, and Eva Lemley, 6, were still on the bus.

From the Archbold Buckeye Facebook post on the accident, where almost 305,000 people had been reached as of yesterday, Tuesday, more than 800 comments were posted. Praise for Cousino has been pouring in, all of it richly deserved. Her last-second warning to the Buehrer boys and her instructions to the Lemleys still on the bus may have saved them from injury, or even death.

Knowing that up to 80,000 pounds of a semi rig, possibly traveling at more than 55 miles an hour, was coming straight at the bus would probably cause most people to freeze.

Cousino’s thoughts in that fraction of a second were for the children.

JoAnn Cousino may not wear a cape, but she’s a real hero, and we are lucky to have her in the Archbold School District.