Archbold, OH

A No-Win Scenario

The car chase that wound its way around western Fulton County for almost 40 minutes Tuesday night, July 17, seems almost comical… something right off the movie screen.

But it was no laughing matter. After Fulton County sheriff deputies punctured the stolen car’s tires with spike strips, the driver continued on, driving on the bare metal of the rims.

His ability to control the car was severely diminished, yet he continued on. Speeds on county roads during the chase reached 80 miles per hour. At times he was driving on the wrong side of the road.

Obviously, the driver was a danger to himself and others. The chase went through Archbold and Pettisville. Suppose the vehicle went out of control and crashed into a house? Or gas pumps? Or hit pedestrians? Or another vehicle with innocent passengers?

A sheriff deputy was ordered to use his car to push the fleeing auto out of control, and it crashed into a building. What if there were workers inside?

FCSD officials were faced with a difficult decision.

Crash the stolen car now, or risk another run through the village? Force the car to crash into a building, or continue the chase and hit something even more terrible later?

The options were all bad– a classic no-win scenario.

We’re lucky it turned out as well as it did.

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