Archbold, OH

911 System Has Glitch During Fire

There was a “glitch” in the Fulton County 911 system during a Sunday, Sept. 5 house fire, Rich Kilgour, Fulton County Sheriff Department 911 coordinator, said last week.

Kilgour said when the fire was first phoned in to the 911 system, the computer and telephone network had trouble connecting.

“There were three clicks, and then the line went silent,” Kilgour said.

The caller, who was phoning in the alarm for an 11:42 pm house fire at 203 East Williams Street, immediately called back, and was able to speak with a 911 dispatcher.

When calls come in, the computers automatically go to a computer databank to retrieve information about the phone line the call is being placed from. On occasions the glitch occurs, and the caller is disconnected.

Kilgour said the glitch has occurred in the past, but not often enough to warrant searching the system for its cause.

During December 2009, the 911 system handled 790 calls: 584 from cell phones and 286 from traditional land-line telephones.

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