Archbold, OH

$5,000 For Mural Project Recommended

Saying it could bring people into the village, Kevin Eicher, Archbold village councilman, made a motion recommending Archbold Village Council spend $5,000 to determine public interest in a mural.

Eicher’s motion came during the council buildings and grounds meeting, Monday, Aug. 5.

Members of the committee are Brad Short, Eicher, and Brian Huffman, all councilmen.

Huffman was absent.

After the demolition of the Red Cross Drug store in April 2015 to enlarge the Stryker Street-North Defiance Street intersection, the exposed south wall of the Rupp Furniture store was prepared for a mural starting the following spring.

The original mural plan fell apart after the artist whom village officials wanted for the project retired.


Donna Dettling, village administrator, explained village officials were contacted by a startup company at Northwest State Community College called Project Allure.

She described Project Allure as a media and graphic arts company.

Village officials and company representatives met in early 2019 to discuss the mural project.

Eicher said he was impressed with the people from Project Allure, who showed energy and excitement for the project.

Dettling said initially, Project Allure put forward a proposal that called for a $26,000 investment in the project.

Later, Project Allure cut that back to $5,000.

For that amount, Dettling said Project Allure workers would interview 30 people in the village to gauge interest in the mural project.

Project Allure would rely on village officials to provide the names of the people to interview.

Eicher said he hoped Project Allure “wasn’t biting off more than they can chew” by taking on a mural project.

Dettling said the group is a startup, and the Archbold project “would help them get their name out there.”

At the same time, it would support Northwest State, she said.

Short said he would like to know the feeling of the community before committing to a mural project.

“For me, it would help me feel better to know what’s the feedback from the community,” he said.

“Done properly, it could be an attraction to draw people to Archbold.”

The group also discussed the possibility of grant funding.


Short seconded Eicher’s motion to recommend the $5,000 expenditure to Archbold Village Council, and with one member absent, the motion was approved.

Dettling said she has authority to spend up to $50,000 on the project without pre-approval, but she would want to pass the mural proposal past council.