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$5 Million Approved Spending At Pettisville

The Pettisville school board approved a permanent appropriations resolution spending over $5 million for the current fiscal year at its Monday night, Oct. 8 meeting.

The largest single category was for salaries. Total appropriations for personnel services/ salaries were over $2.7 million.

Another $832,000 was appropriated to cover the cost of retirement and insurance benefits.

The board also approved a five-year forecast of revenues and expenditures that was prepared by Chris Lee, district treasurer.

The forecast states Pettisville would begin spending more than it takes in starting with the 2009 fiscal year.

Lee said the forecast, which is required by law and will be submitted to the Ohio Department of Education, was purposely “a conservative forecast when it comes to revenue.”

The forecast assumes that costs for the district will continue to rise, but that revenue will remain flat.

Steve Switzer, district superintendent, said revenue from property tax levies only increases if there is new construction. When values of current property increase, the amount the school receives still remains flat.

The Pettisville district currently has an income tax levy as well as property tax levies, and voters are being asked to renew the income tax levy this fall.

Unlike property tax levies, revenue from the income tax levy rises when incomes in the district increase.

The 1% income tax levy currently brings in over $400,000 to the district.

Switzer told the board that a committee had raised funds to mail out a brochure and letter urging voters to approve the income tax levy renewal and to make it permanent.

If the levy becomes permanent, the district will not have to go to the voters unless it wants to change the percentage of the levy.

In the district report, Switzer told the board that the next step in the Pettisville construction project would be to hire legal counsel to help negotiate a contract with the architectural firm.

Pettisville is considering a building project using funds from the Ohio School Facility Commission program and local matching funds.

If the building project continues to move forward, Switzer said he would anticipate going on the ballot with a levy to provide local matching funds sometime in 2008.

Teacher, Principal Reports

Also attending the board meeting was Carla Hartz, Pettisville first grade teacher, who told the board about her activities as a member and officer of the Alpha Delta Kappa honorary sorority for women in education.

Hartz is president-elect of the Ohio chapter of the international society that supports education in a variety of ways.

Kyle Linehan, a teacher in an area school and a Pettisville alumnus, was approved for a supplemental contract to serve as seventh grade boys basketball coach.

In his report to the board, Michael Lane, high school principal, said that a Pettisville student, Matt Dougherty, had been named as a National Merit Commended Student for 2008.

Dougherty scored in the top five percent in the nation on the qualifying test taken by more than 1.4 million students across the nation.

Lane also reported that changes in the state honors diploma criteria would affect Pettisville’s course offerings in the future.

The new requirements call for students to complete four units of social studies in high school. Pettisville currently only offers three.

Lane said two options were being considered, including adding two semester-long courses to the class schedule, or allowing students to complete one unit of social studies independently online.

Lane said that in the past four years, approximately one third of Pettisville graduates have fulfilled requirements for an academic honors diploma.

Reading Test

In the elementary report, Jason Waldvogel said third grade students recently completed the fall reading achievement test. Students will take the test again in the spring regardless of their score on the fall test.

“We don’t have to retest students who scored at least proficient on the first test,” Waldvogel said. “But it makes sense because students can improve their score and no one but the individual knows who passed and who didn’t, and we like that aspect.”

Waldvogel also told the board that parent-teacher conferences are Wednesday, Nov. 7 in the evening and Thursday, Nov. 8 in the day and evening. Pettisville has no school on Nov. 8-9.

Children’s Book Week, planned by Lorrie Miller, Pettisville librarian, is Nov. 12-18.

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