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4-H Pre-Fair Judging Results Announced

The Fulton County 4-H program has announced prefair judging results.

Abbreviations: HM, honorable mention; CW, county winner; SFR, state fair representative.

Accessories for Teens: Kallie Strauss, SFR, CW; Morgan Helminiak, HM

Adventures in Home Living: Carsyn Hagans, SFR, CW

Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Erica VanLoocke, SFR, CW

Archery-Shooting Sports, Jr.: Alexander Browning, SFR, CW; Shooting Sports, Sr.: Hannah Stinson, SFR, CW

Arcs & Sparks: McCormick Warncke, SFR, CW; Trent Sauber, HM; Pete Simon, HM

Basic Archery: Chandler Ruetz, SFR, CW; Ethan Hagans, CW; Aaliyah Carpenter, CW; Devin Morrow, CW; Alexandra Gillen, HM; Angelica Gamber, HM

Basic Beekeeping: Nathan McVay, SFR, CW

Becoming Money Wise: Alexander Browning, SFR, CW; Taylor McIntire, CW

Bicycling for Fun: Jessica French, SFR, CW

Cake Decorating, Jr.: Emma Majewski, SFR, CW; Chaeli Deck, CW; Mya Stuckey, CW; Nichole Wilson, CW; Jolie Huffman, HM; Anias Thompson, HM

Cake Decorating, Sr.: Conner Hicks, SFR, CW

Canning and Freezing: Anabelle Behrendt, SFR, CW; Rayna Schmidt, HM

Cavy: Breanna Huffman, SFR, CW

Controlling The Image: Mikayla Rochelle, CW

Dog Obedience: Laurel Garbers, CW

Dress Up Outfit: Emmalee Stewart, SFR, CW

Embellish It: Leah Cole, SFR, CW

Entering Electronics: Michael Gillen, SFR, CW

Family History Treasure Hunt: Mindy O’Neill, SFR, CW; Elizabeth Mignin, CW

Finishing Up: Kassi Studer, SFR, CW; Bailey O’Neil, CW

First Aid in Action: Jenna Stanton, SFR, CW

Fishing for the Beginner: Chandler Ruetz, SFR, CW

Focus on Photo Level 1: Lindsey Crossgrove, CW; Hailey Creps, HM

Fun with Clothes: Arabella Jamison, SFR, CW; Lydia Valentine, HM; Anabelle Behrendt, HM

Get Started in Art, Jr.: Miah Beauregard, SFR, CW; Peter LaPlante, CW; Stephanie Jagodzinski, CW; Allison Buckenmeyer, HM

Get Started in Art, Sr.: Carissa Call, SFR, CW

Global Gourmet: Brynn Ballmer, SFR, CW; Taylor Wilcoxon, CW

Grill Master: Alexander Majewski, SFR, CW

How Does Your Garden Grow: Matthew Manson, SFR, CW

Hunting & Wildlife-SS, Jr.: Hannah Speer, SFR, CW

Hunting & Wildlife-SS, Sr.: Jullian Speer, SFR, CW; Hannah Stinson, CW

Look Great for Less: Mallorie Strauss, SFR, CW

Mastering Photography: Allison Wacha, CW

Magic of Electricity: Layton Willson, HM

Make Over My Space: Jamie Van- Loocke, SFR, CW; Emily Hill, HM

Making the Cut: Nathan Buchhop, SFR, CW

Measuring Up: Eli Warncke, SFR, CW

Nailing it Together: Caleb Ruetz, SFR, CW

Ohio Birds: Miah Beauregard, SFR, CW; Jessica French, HM

Pantry Panic: Trinity Leady, SFR, CW

Pistol-Shooting Sports, Jr.: Garrett Puehler, SFR, CW; Shooting Sports, Sr.-Thomas Baker, SFR, CW

Robotics 1: Benjamin Morris, SFR, CW; Trey Theobald, CW; Nathan McVay, HM

Robotics 2: Carissa Hoffman, CW; Colton Blanton, HM

Robotics Master: Preston Baker, CW

Rockets Away-2 liter bottle: Austin Rearick, SFR, CW; Shane Suchora, CW; Drew Beauregard, CW; Justin Duncan, HM; Solid Fuel: Kristopher Burns, CW; Owen Monroe, HM

Rope: Claire Smith, HM

Safe Use of Guns: Emily Smith, SFR, CW

Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry: McCormick Warncke, SFR, CW

Scrapbooking, Jr.: Mindy O’Neill, SFR, CW; Trinity Leady, SFR, CW; Natalie Seibert, HM

Scrapbooking, Sr.: Lauren Smith, SFR, CW; Rachel Weiland, SFR, CW; Emily Franklin, CW; Mackenzie Eberly, HM; Kendalyn Noe, HM

Self-Determined-Jr.: Alexandra Gillen SFR, CW; Bryse Neuenschwander, CW; Self-Determined, Sr.: Derek Loeffler, SFR, CW; Bailey Kern, CW; Alexandria Lee, CW; Self-Determined (Astronomy): Sean Baker, SFR, CW; Austin Hill, CW; Self-Determined (Camp Counselor): Connor Hagans, SFR, CW; Self- Determined (Reptiles & Amphibians: Amelia Lyn McFarland, SFR, CW; Self-Determined (Quilting): Alyssa Noe, SFR, CW

Sew Fun: Jenna Hallett, SFR, CW; Ella Bowman, CW; Chloe Creque, HM

Snack Attack: Jenna Hallett, SFR, CW; Addyson Gamber, HM; Turner Barrett, HM

Sports Nutrition 1: Cody Sheller, SFR, CW

Sports Nutrition 2: Madison Rice, SFR, CW

Sundresses and Jumpers: Arlie Lambright, CW; Amelia Champada, HM

Teen Boardmanship: Amber Smallman, SFR, CW

Teens on the Road to Financial Success: Samantha Pennington, SFR, CW

Tops for Tweens: Rachel Short, SFR, CW

Trapping Muskrats: Eli Warncke, CW

Vegetable Gardening: Rayna Schmidt, CW; Mary Miller, CW; Kaden Sanford, HM; Tyler Partin, HM

Vet 1: Ashley Creps, SFR, CW

Vet 2: Leah Cole, SFR, CW; Isabella Ruiz, HM

You & Your Dog: Ella Bowman, SFR, CW; Elizabeth Mignin, CW

You Can Quilt: Rayna Schmidt, SFR, CW

Your First Home Away From Home: Kaitlin Ruetz, SFR, CW

Outstanding Photography Project: Mikayla Rochelle

Outstanding Woodworking Project: Kassi Studer

West Regional District Health & Safety Skit Junior Team Winners: Tatum Barnes, Fulton 4-H Connection 4-H Club and Landon Nisely, Countryside Clovers

Skillathon Winners

Sr. Dog Skillathon: 1st place-Mary Miller; 2nd place-Michael Baker; 3rd place-Cory Johnson

Jr. Goat Skillathon: 1st place- Morgan Miller; 2nd place-Trinity Martinez; 3rd place-Chandler Ruetz; 4th place-Jacob Snyder; 5th place- Lydia Heilman

Sr. Goat Skillathon: 1st place- Esther Heilman; 2nd place-Payton Miller; 3rd place-Lauren Smith; 4th place-Courtney Riches; 5th place- Paige Holdridge

Jr. Poultry Skillathon: 1st place- Jessica French; 2nd place-Taylor Caudill; 3rd place-Preston Baker; 4th place-Caleb Bagi; 5th place-Carter Hite

Sr. Poultry Skillathon: 1st place- Cody French; 2nd place-Kira Cherry; 3rd place-Michael Baker; 4th place- Lauren Smith; 5th place-Conner Johnson

Jr. Rabbit Skillathon: 1st place- Briley Rupp; 2nd place-Aengus McIlwain; 3rd place-McKenna Thierry

Intermediate Rabbit Skillathon: 1st place-Cory Johnson; 2nd Place- Conner Johnson; 3rd place-Cassidy Vanderveer

Sr. Rabbit Skillathon: 1st place- Nathaniel Ballmer; 2nd place-Brady Rupp; 3rd place-Krista Thierry

Ohio State Fair Representatives Horse Qualifiers: Mickenna Schweinhagen, Madison Campbell, Olivia LeRoux, Emily Friend, Halie Johnstone, Allison Sparks, Mary Miller, Tyler Echler, Hannah Herr.

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