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4-H News

The Fulton County 4-H program held its annual 4-H advisor recognition banquet, Thursday, Nov. 13.

Volunteer advisors who were recognized include

•5 years: Cheryl Johnston, Franklin Blue Ribbons; Kim Krieger and Tina Willson, Country Achievers; Brad Lumbrezer, Rough Riders; Mark Miller, Countryside Clovers; Myndi Milliken and Rebecca Sattler, Goats and “Udder” Things; Carla Rice and Russell Rice, Wauseon Royal Green Clovers; Heather Rohrs, Just For Pleasure; Janna Short and Sam Short, Brush Creek Kids

•10 years: Mary Jo Blohm, Tail Waggers; Michelle Ford and Jennifer Loar, Goats and “Udder” Things; Kim Helmke, Countryside Clovers; Christina Henricks, Lucky Livestockers; Brad Mosier, Pettisville Ever- Ready; Sherry Schuette, Fulton County Caprine Kids

•15 years: Mike Sattler, Randy May Sattler, Goats and “Udder” Things

•20 years: Wayne Dinius, Brush Creek Kids; Debra Krauss, 10X Club; Virginia Lumbrezer, Country Club 4-H

25 years: Pam Henricks, Lucky Livestockers; Cecilia Nartker, Clinton Doodle Bugs

30 years: Kathy Snyder, Delta Country Gals & Guys

35 years: Joe Miller, Clinton Doodle Bugs

54 years: Arlene Stoup, Happy Hustlers/Fulton Variety Club.

Honor Club

Several clubs achieved “Honor Club” status. To be selected as a 4-H Honor Club, a club must do community service in the Fulton County area and acquire the 125 maximum points earned through participation in various 4-H events/activities throughout the year.

Achieving Honor Club status for 2008 were 4-H Gainers and Leaders, Country Achievers, Countryside Clovers, Delta Country Gals & Guys, Fulton Fantastics, Goats and “Udder” Things, and Nifty 4-Hers.

All Fulton County 4-H clubs participate in community service, from beautification projects to recycling and roadside cleanups. Fund-raisers are also conducted, with the proceeds donated to various charitable organizations and benefits. The 2008 Outstanding Community Service Clubs are Country Achievers, Fulton Fantastics, Goats and “Udder” Things, and Pike X-L.

Advisor Awards

The Friend of 4-H and Outstanding 4-H Alumni awards are given annually at the 4-H advisor banquet.

The 2008 Friend of 4-H award recipient is the Fulton County Farm Bureau.

Outstanding 4-H Alumni award recipients are Jackie Ballmer, Fayette; Amy Miller, Archbold; and Samantha Marvin, Wauseon.

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