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2% Base Pay Hike To Pettisville Teachers

The Pettisville Local School District board and the Pettisville Teacher Association reached agreement on a twoyear contract that gives teachers a 2% hike in base pay.

The plan also increases health insurance deductibles and co-pays, and adds a dental benefit.

The school board approved the agreement at an early morning meeting, Wednesday, May 28.

Four board members voted in favor of the contract. Loren Roth, board member, abstained because his wife is a teacher in the district.

Teachers can qualify for pay increases for years of service, based upon a salary schedule. Each “step,” or raise for additional service, averages 4% to 5.5%, said Steve Switzer, district superintendent.

When teacher base pay increases, all of the steps in the salary schedule rise. Hypothetically, a teacher in line for a 5% step increase will also receive the 2% wage hike.

A little over half, about 19 of 34, Pettisville school district teachers qualify for a step increase.

Salary ranges for Pettisville teachers for 2008-09 will be $30,562 to $63,722.

For the 2009-10 school year, the low end of the scale will be $31,173; the high end, $64,996.

Health Insurance

Under the agreement, the school district changes health insurance plans, but stays with the same health insurance consortium.

Switzer said the new plan increases deductibles and copays, and indexes deductibles and co-pays to health care cost inflation.

This is countered by the offering of a dental care benefit. As with the health insurance plan, the board picks up 90% of the cost of a single plan, and 75% of the cost of a family plan.

Switzer said almost all other school districts offer dental coverage as a benefit. Pettisville is the last district in the fourcounty area to offer dental coverage.

He said the sum of the two changes will cost less than the previous health plan alone, and should reduce the rate of cost increases.


The contract also changed the stipend for special varsity assistant coaches.

Switzer said the stipends had not been adjusted in two to four years; the adjustment brings the pay more in line with other coaching positions.

The special varsity assistant basketball coaches will receive a 1.5% increase in stipend, adding about $450.

Other sports and the cheerleading coach will get 1% increase, about $300.

Stipends were also added for the mock trial team coach and the summer volleyball clinic coordinator.

Teachers also can receive a stipend if they notify the board they plan to quit their job early. The date to qualify for that stipend was moved from May 1 to March 15.

There were other language changes.


Switzer said the classified staff, i.e., school bus drivers, cafeteria workers, custodians, etc., will receive a wage hike package very similar to that received by the teachers.

He said he would call the tone of the negotiations between the school board and PTA excellent. – David Pugh

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