Archbold, OH

$2.8 Million In New Construction In 2019

Zoning permits issued by the village of Archbold indicate there was more than $2.8 million in construction activity in the village during 2019.

Carma Grime, village planning-zoning inspector, said the $2.8 million figure is “kinda average” for the village.

The total figure is driven by commercial and industrial building programs.

The biggest project was work at Sauder Village on Phase III of the 1920s Main Street, and other projects.

Work done at the Village includes a reconfigured entrance, a new drop-off point for school buses, the creation of a new parking lot, and changes to others. Grime put the total work at the village at about $1.2 million.

Also, she said, Miller Bros. Construction added a pre-fabricated “office pod” structure at its South Defiance Street location. She put the value of that project at $100,000.

The total for zoning permits issued for commercial buildings in 2019 was more than $1.4 million, the report states.


During 2019, two permits were issued for new single family homes, with a total value of $575,000.

Grime said one permit was issued for a home with a value of $400,000, and a second with a $175,000 value.

Two duplex or two-family home permits were issued, with a combined value of $400,000.

A permit was also issued for a $45,000 residential addition, one garage permit with a value of $20,000, two permits for decks or porches valued at $5,500, and 18 utility shed permits with a combined value of $110,825.

Permits were issued for 14 fences with a total value of $69,246.

Swimming Pools

Permits were issued for four swimming pools with a total combined value of $156,300. On average, that’s more than $39,000 per pool.

Seven sign permits were issued with a value of $15,765.

Archbold collected $2,415 in permit fees during 2019.