Archbold, OH

$14.43 Per Hour For Sanoh Jobs

Workers at the Sanoh America plant in Archbold will earn an average wage of $14.43 an hour, plus benefits valued at $8.65 an hour.

That’s according to information released by the Ohio Department of Development, in connection with economic incentives provided by the state.

The Ohio Tax Credit Authority approved a 45%, sixyear tax credit for Sanoh on Monday, Jan. 25.

In return, the company will create $800,000 in additional payroll as a result of the reopening of the former Cooper-Standard plant in Archbold.

To earn the tax credit, Sanoh must maintain operations in Archbold for at least nine years. The credit started last month, and will last through the end of December 2015.

The credit applies to the corporate franchise, state income tax, or Commercial Activity Tax for business that expand or locate in Ohio.

In a press release, the Department of Development said, “The job creation tax credit is a major factor in Sanoh’s decision to locate in Ohio. Sanoh was considering sites in Kentucky and Tennessee for the proposed project.”

New Hires

Sanoh has agreed to create 28 new full-time equivalent jobs, generating $800,000 in additional annual payroll within three years of the project’s initial operations.

Company officials said last week they anticipate reaching full production by the third quarter of this year.

Full-time equivalent means any number of workers whose total hours add up to the same number of hours 28 full-time workers would work.

For example, 56 half-time workers would equal 28 fulltime equivalent jobs.

Sanoh has committed to hiring at least 10% disadvantaged and-or minority persons.

The 249,000-square-foot former Cooper Standard building is large enough to accommodate various manufacturing processes currently performed in Japan.

Sanoh will make a fixedasset investment of at least $3.56 million. That includes $25 million in land acquisition, $1.25 million for building acquisition, and $2.06 million for machinery and equipment.

County, Local Support

Fulton County is supporting the project through the Economic and Workforce Development Office, which will provide $30,000 in recruitment and training grants to Sanoh.

Dennis Howell, Archbold village administrator, said village officials are discussing an economic incentive for Sanoh, but declined to release any details.

Sanoh is a supplier of chassis, brake, fuel parts, and brazed power train components to the auto industry.

The Archbold Cooper Standard plant has always produced parts made from small-diameter tubing for the auto industry.

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