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$103,000 Okayed To Upgrade Rail Crossing

Archbold Village Council approved spending $100,000 to upgrade the Defiance Street Norfolk Southern railroad crossing at its Monday, April 1 meeting.

NS had planned to replace the rails of the two main-line tracks, which will require rebuilding the crossing.

At the request of village officials, the company will upgrade the crossing to rubberized panels, plus replace 200 feet of rail on the siding track.

The project also requires upgraded crossties and hardware.

Bob Seaman, village engineer, said NS officials were asked to keep the cost to around $100,000, which is roughly a third the cost of the complete crossing.


Rubberized panels were installed at one time, then were replaced with concrete panels prior to 1999.

At the last crossing rebuild in 2015, Seaman said the panels were removed and replaced with a standardized asphalt with thin rubber “flangeways” that allow the flange of a railcar wheel to pass.

Seaman said done correct- ly, the standard asphalt crossing can be smooth. Rubberized panels and concrete panels have roughly the same cost, but rubber crossings tend to last a little longer.

The crossing will be closed for two weeks, he said.

NS crews closed the crossing Saturday, Feb. 16, to remove and replace a section of rail on the tracks on the south side of the crossing.

A temporary repair of the crossing was made with a material called “cold patch.” NS officials planned to do a more permanent repair later.

Seaman told council NS officials want to start reconstruction of the Defiance Street crossing as soon as possible, when asphalt plants open.

“It’s on their hot list,” Seaman said.


Donna Dettling, village administrator, told council the village received a new, lower rate for residential electricity.

The new rate, which goes into effect July 1, is 4.98 cents per kilowatt hour. The rate had been 5.29 cents per kwh.