Archbold, OH

1.5% Pay Increase To Library Workers

Problems With Online Catalog Discussed

Employees of the Archbold Community Library will receive a 1.5% pay raise, after two years of wage freezes.

That was the vote of the library board at its Thursday, Dec. 2 meeting.

The decision followed a 27- minute executive session to discuss wages and salaries.

Diane Tinsman, outgoing library board member who was attending her last library board meeting, acknowledged the fact that employees had not received a pay raise in two years, and said the board acknowledged their patience and hard work.

“They are the front line of library operations,” said John Bamonte, board member.

For 2010, there were no raises, but each received a $100 cash bonus.

In reviewing the financial report, Joyce Klingelsmith, director, said two certificates of deposit had been renewed through the Farmers & Merchants State Bank. The interest rates on the two 12- month CDs were .56% and .51%.

She said she had sought an offer from the local branch of the Huntington Bank, but never received a response.

Klingelsmith said Jennifer Harkey, fiscal officer, had been renewing the certifi cates at three- and sixmonth intervals, hoping interest rates would go up.

Local Levy

Klingelsmith said to date, 46% of library funding had been received from the local property tax levy.

State funding was a much higher percentage of total library revenue when the State of Ohio was funding libraries based on a percentage of state tax revenues.

Klingelsmith said in 2001- 02, state officials began cutting their share of library funding as a cost-cutting measure.

Voters approved an increase in the property levy last year.

“I would hate to think of where we would be if we didn’t have that,” Klingelsmith said.

During the period of January through November, figures provided to the library board indicate that total revenue coming into the library was $392,894.71, while expenses were $335,382.35, leaving a cash balance of $57,512.36.

Klingelsmith said she increased spending on children’s books in November.

The board also approved temporary appropriations for 2011.


A computer glitch has been discovered in connection with the new online library catalog system purchased from The Library Corporation.

The glitch does not allow a popular Microsoft Corporation Internet web browser program to work with the online catalog.

Klingelsmith said The Library Corporation has notifi ed Microsoft of the problem, but it is now up to Microsoft to develop a “patch,” or repair for the web browser to allow the catalog program to work.

Until Microsoft issues what Klingelsmith called “the Archbold patch,” the library will not “go live,” or allow general Internet users to access the new catalog.

In the meantime, changes have been made to some of the computers so the catalog will work, allowing the library staff to become familiar with the program.

“The staff really likes it,” Klingelsmith said.

The board also discussed electronic or “e-books,” manuscripts that are delivered as electronic data, then read on a portable tablet-type reader.

In one week, Klingelsmith said she had three inquiries about e-books.


The circulation report for October showed that both the total items issued and the number of library visitors were down compared to October 2009.

Items issued were off 10.2%, to 9,643.

The number of visitors was off 7.2%, from 5,844 in October 2009 to 5,423 in October 2010.

Circulation of children and adult materials was off, down 10.1% and 10.3%, respectively.

The number of new patrons was up, from 39 in October 2009 to 46 in October 2010.

Board members Judi Rupp, Jed Grisez, and Sandy Wyse were absent. All votes were unanimous.

The next meeting is Thursday, Jan. 13, 7 pm, at the library.

At that time, Jay Budde, rural Archbold, will join the board as a member, replacing Tinsman. He will serve a seven-year term.–David

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