2018-12-05 / Opinion

Village General Fund In Trouble

Archbold Village Council decided that after the third week of December, monthly unlimited trash pickup will end.

Let’s face it– monthly unlimited trash pickup is a luxury. We doubt if many other towns offer such a service. We’ve all been spoiled by this benefit of living in Archbold.

Unlimited trash pickup is the victim of an overextended general fund– the fund that pays for much of the day-today operation of the village.

It seems contradictory that a community that is building a new baseball diamond, just finished a street project, and has always been able to offer residents services to enhance quality of life, is in a budget crunch.

Part of that can be attributed to the idea of different funds. Income tax money that comes in earmarked for Park Board stays with Park Board. The rest of the income tax goes for streets and infrastructure. Some money can be mingled; some can flow one way but not the other. It’s confusing.

Donna Dettling, village administrator, said all village funds– except the general fund– are doing well.

Council proposed some options at its Monday, Dec. 3 meeting. Raising the income tax or diverting income tax money to the general fund were some options they discussed.

Dettling talked about belt-tightening.

It will be interesting to see what solutions Archbold village council puts forward. Let’s hope residents don’t lose any more services.

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