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Village Employees Get Raises, $500-$1,500 Merit Pay In 2019

Employees of the village of Archbold were granted a 3% increase in base pay and lump-sum payments based on merit at the Archbold Village Council meeting, Monday, Nov. 5.

The wage hikes and merit pay program were recommended by the council finance committee, said Donna Dettling, village administrator.

The merit pay system operates on six tiers, with payments ranging from $500 to $1,500 for the top five tiers.

Of the 47 full-time employees in the program, all received at least $500. None was considered a Tier 1 employee, for which there is no merit pay.

Dettling said she and the department heads were very conservative graders. She said the group was generous, but no one got anything he or she did not deserve.


The tier system works based what is expected of employees.

An employee who frequently exceeds what is expected is considered a Tier 6 employee, who receives a $1,500 bonus.

Dettling said there were three employees who qualified for the sixth tier.

One who meets and occasionally exceeds expectations is a Tier 5 employee, and will receive a $1,250 payment. Thirteen earned the rating.

A worker who meets expectations falls into Tier 4 and are in line for a $1,000 check. There were 13 Tier 4 employees.

Tier 3 is for workers who generally meet standards. Fifteen employees were in Tier 3; each will receive $750.

Tier 2 workers meet standards, but could improve their job performance. Three employees in the tier will receive $500.

Tier 1 is for workers who do not meet standards. They do not receive merit pay.

Six village employees are serving probationary periods and are not considered eligible for the program.

Dettling said the 3% pay hike takes effect in the first full pay period of 2019. Employees will receive their merit pay with the second full pay period of next year.


Vaughn Bentz, a councilman, said in the past, employee raises were determined by the consumer price index, or cost of living.

“It’s good to have a nice year. In past years, we’ve had some 0, 1%, 2% raises. It’s nice to really be able to reward them,” he said.

Kevin Eicher, a councilman, asked if the merit pay would be given every year.

“We’ll evaluate it every year, then come back to finance committee,” Dettling said. Each employee will be evaluated.

“If you start this, you have to keep running with it,” Eicher said.

Kevin Morton, council president, said the merit pay system gives employees “a goal to go after.”

He said, “It doesn’t matter what you did this year, it starts over again next year.”

Jeff Fryman, mayor, and Drew Ginn, a councilman, were absent.

Joe Short, a German Township trustee, attended the meeting.

The next meeting is Monday, Nov. 19, 7 pm, in council chambers.

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