2018-10-10 / Opinion

Journalism Matters

Now More Than Ever

As newspapers across the country are branded “enemies of the people,” journalism matters, now more than ever.

Oct. 7-13 is National Newspaper Week, the time in which we recognize and celebrate the role of newspapers in our society.

The last few years have been tough for the newspaper industry, and media as a whole. Yet, reporters across the nation continue to dig into the events of the day in their communities and present clear and concise reports to their readers.

Reporters do this work despite the long hours, lack of respect, and the affronts to their very patriotism spewed by some elected officials.

Newspapers, in one form or another, have been around since before the United States became a nation. They have been attacked and criticized before. And still they continue.

Newspaper reporters have been denied access, jailed, and even murdered. And still they continue.

The work of newspapers, including the Archbold Buckeye, is too important to be silenced.

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