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Zoning Board Okays Porch Variance

The Archbold Board of Zoning Appeals granted a variance to allow the construction of a covered porch on a home that will be built on Murbach Street during its Thursday, Oct. 4 meeting.

Ron Reese is constructing a single-family dwelling at 807 Murbach Street. He requested a covered back porch.

Village zoning laws require that there be 25 feet from the back of the house to the rear property line of the lot. The porch will extend 6 feet, 6 inches into the 25-foot setback area, requiring Reese to seek a 6 feet, 6 inch variance.

Reese was represented at the meeting by Rich Young, builder.

Bob Aschliman, a neighbor who owns a home across the street, asked questions about the project, but had no objection.

Brad Roth, zoning board member, said the house will still have about an 18 1/2- foot setback from the rear of the lot. He said the Reese house will be “a nice addition to the neighborhood.”

Of zoning board members in attendance, the vote was unanimous.

Carma Grime, village planning and zoning inspector, said permits were issued in August for two new homes and a triplex.

Roth asked if there were many other lots for homes available besides those on Murbach Street. Grime said no.

Electronic Billboards

Tim Smith, zoning board president, brought up a question about electronic billboards in the village.

He explained there are billboards currently outside, but near, the village limits.

Based on current zoning law, those billboards would be allowed in the village because they were there before the land became part of the village.

Under current zoning law, they could be converted to electronic billboards with moving images and flashing messages.

There have been requests in the past to put up electronic signs or message boards in the village that would accept paid advertising. The message boards currently permitted display messages for the local business where it is located.

But they are not allowed to display advertising for another business.

Smith said he would like to see the village zoning “book,” or laws, changed to prevent billboards from being converted to electronic boards if they are annexed into the village.

Grime said the village could require a variance for electronic message boards, and turn them down that way.

Marty Mayer, zoning board member, said an electronic billboard would detract from things like the village decorative streetlights.

Deficient Properties

The board also discussed rental properties that lack maintenance, such as lawn mowing.

Board members brought up what they consider properties in need of maintenance.

Grime said while village officials contact both the renter and the property owner about maintenance issues, it is ultimately the responsibility of the property owner.

The next meeting of the board was not scheduled. Tim Ziegler, board member, was absent.


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