2018-09-12 / Public Record

Archbold Police Log

Aug. 31

9:51 am: Peace keep, East Gardens.

10:55 am: Suspicious person, 100 block Woodland Dr., unable to locate.

12:45 pm: Assist other police unit, Archbold Medical Center.

1:13 pm: Assist other police unit, Archbold Medical Center.

2:56 pm: Crossing guard duty, Franklin St. at Park St.

11:47 pm: Disabled vehicle, 600 block S. Defiance St., car stalled, helped move off roadway.

Sept. 1

2:51 am: Assist other police unit, East Gardens.

3:44 am: Suspicious person, East Gardens, unfounded.

10:07 am: Assist other police unit, Co. Rd. 22 at St. Rt. 2.

12:46 pm: Keys found in the 300 block Stryker St. turned in; placed in lost and found.

2:58 pm: Top down on convertible, 1100 block N. Buehrer St., advised.

5:36 pm: Disabled vehicle, flat tire, 300 block N. Defiance St., will move later.

8:37 pm: Assist fire rescue, 1200 block S. Defiance St.

9:43 pm: Child custody problem, 100 block West Park Dr.

10:41 pm: Follow-up, 100 block West Park Dr.

Sept. 2

9:51 am: Issued two bicycle safety awards, Sauder Village.

5:07 pm: Welfare check, 200 block Meadow Rd., all okay.

8:29 pm: Child custody issue, 300 block Vine St., no contact at residence, unable to locate.

Sept. 3

12:20 pm: Animal call, 400 block Vine St.

5:24 pm: Loose dog, 200 block Lafayette St., unable to locate.

7:11 pm: Suspicious person, 100 block N. Defiance St., unable to locate.

10:08 pm: Vehicle parked on public street, Colony Meadows.

Sept. 4

4:11 am: 911 hang-up, Frozen Specialties, unable to locate.

6:49 am: Road blocked by train, Defiance St. and Franklin St. Norfolk Southern crossings.

9:48 am: Funeral detail, 500 block N. Defiance St.

10:44 am: Vehicle unlock, McDonald’s.

11:16 am: Subject found tool that fell off truck, 700 block S. Defiance St., returned to owner.

11:18 am: Keys found, Sauder Village.

6:37 pm: Lights on in vehicle, Ruihley Ave. at Stryker St., spoke with owner.

6:39 pm: Juvenile issue, 200 block Burke St., referred to Fulton County Department of Job & Family Services.

6:59 pm: Verbal warning, parking violation, 400 block Vine St., parked facing the wrong direction.

Sept. 5

8:08 am: Crossing guard duty, Franklin St. at Park St.

11:24 am: Suspicious activity, 400 block Ditto St., items were moved in residence.

11:32 am: Community service, on station.

2:25 pm: Stray dog lying under tree near pavilion, Memorial Park, gone when officers arrived.

2:25 pm Crossing guard duty, Franklin St. at Park St.

2:32 pm: Stray dog, Memorial Park, checked via bicycle patrol, unable to locate.

3:07 pm: Juvenile playing on railroad tracks, Franklin St., gone when officer arrived.

5:55 pm: Written warning, parking violation, parking too close to stop sign, 500 block South St.

7:25 pm: Possible disabled vehicle, 100 block Frey Rd., subject talking on phone, all okay.

10:15 pm: Welfare check, East Gardens, all okay.

Sept. 6

7:30 am: Crossing guard duty, Franklin St. at Park St., issued one bicycle safety award.

12:32 pm: Assist dog warden, brown and white largebreed dog running loose, elementary school, unable to locate.

2:52 pm: School patrol, elementary school.

5:33 pm: Citation to Marjorie Behnfeldt, 76, Napoleon, grade crossing violation, Defiance St. Norfolk Southern railroad crossing.

8:33 pm: Civil problem, Colony Meadows.

9:37 pm: Burglary, 100 block West Park Dr., unfounded.

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