2018-09-12 / Opinion

Letter To The Editor

Sixteen years ago, my first son was born. I remember how my feelings of joy and relief turned into a crystal clear desire to provide well for my new family.

Men, like many of you, my dad instilled in me a good work ethic. As a dad now myself, I can see that sons need their fathers to instill in them common sense, respect for authority, putting others above ourselves, and self-control.

But all of these characteristics will fade away if we neglect to instill in them the most important attribute of all, the fear of the Lord.

I failed at this vital job for the first 14 years of my son’s life.

You see, I had an errant view of the Bible. I was living a life of pick-and-choose Christianity.

I had to repent and make some major changes in my life and in the life of my family.

One specific area that I had to change was my standard for all that my family and I watch and read.

Much of today’s entertainment contains filthy language, God’s name used in vain, pornography and glorified violence.

My wife and I established that our family will only embellish film, music, and literature that satisfies God’s 10 commandments.

For the sake of our sons, I extol all of us dads to examine our lives and to evaluate the quality of media and literature we allow in our families.

Also, if you are a churchgoer, I extol you to examine what your pastor is preaching, and to judge whether or not they are teaching your family a form of pick-andchoose Christianity.

Mike Whiteman


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