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Township To Make Illuminated Stop Signs In-House

The German Township Trustees changed their plans for stop signs with flashing lights at the intersection of Co. Rd. A and Co. Rd. 24 at their Monday, Sept. 10 meeting.

Rather than purchasing the signs from a Wisconsin company, the signs will be built in-house.

Josh King, township road superintendent, and Jeff Aeschliman, township road maintenance worker, will make the signs.

The project will involve mounting light-emitting diodes (LEDs) around the perimeter of the sign and connecting circuitry, a battery, and a solar cell.

The solar cell will charge the battery, which in turn will power the LEDs. The LEDs can be seen day and night.

The trustees had agreed to purchase two of the lighted signs from Traffic & Parking Control Company (TAPCO) of Brown Deer, Wis., at a cost of $1,200 per sign. The trustees approved purchasing the signs at their Aug. 27 meeting.


Joe Short, a trustee, moved to rescind his motion to approve the purchase.

“I believe we have a better option. Jeff and Josh can actually make the signs,” he said.

He said Henry County officials already gave King and Aeschliman the stop signs to start the project.

No cost estimate was available for building them inhouse.

Short said Tim Schumm, Henry County engineer, had provided a copy of the state of Ohio specifications for signs.

“I don’t believe there’s anything of an issue, but I wanted to make sure you guys had this information so when you make the signs they are to specs,” he said.


Fulton County Rd. A is half in Fulton County.

The south half is in Henry County, and is known as Henry Co. Rd. W.

Co. Rd. 24 goes by the same name in both counties.

Currently, north-south traffic on Co. Rd. 24 is required to stop. East-west traffic on Co. Rd. A-W is not required to stop.

In the past Short questioned that, noting Co. Rd. 24 carries far more traffic than the east-west road.

In talks with engineers and commissioners from both counties, the decision was made to reverse the signs, so traffic on Co. Rd. A-W is re- quired to stop. Co. Rd. 24 traffic will not stop.

Schumm recommended the intersection be converted to a four-way stop for at least a year before stop signs are removed on Co. Rd. 24.

The lighted signs will be installed by Henry County workers on Co. Rd. A-W as soon as King and Aeschliman have finished building them.

Henry County workers also will install “Stop Ahead” signs on Co. Rd. A-W.

Locking Nuts

During the Monday meeting,

Short asked about using special locking nuts, making it more difficult to steal the signs.

“I know these (stop signs) will be a little pricier than what a regular stop sign is,” he said.

“We want to be sure we do everything we can to prevent the theft of these. Not just because of the monetary issue, but because they’ll probably be attractive to some people.

“We can’t afford to have a stop sign being stolen, and then we have an accident where there’s a loss of life.”

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