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Tax Credits Extended For Sauder Woodworking; Economic Development, Annexation Discussed

Archbold Village Council dealt with two economic development-related issues during its Monday, Sept. 10 meeting.

Council voted to extend by two years an income tax credit agreement with Sauder Woodworking. The agreement was first approved in March 2014, then amended in May 2015.

Sauder Woodworking receives a credit on a portion of the income taxes paid by new employees hired under the agreement.

Donna Dettling, village administrator, said council needed to pass the measure because of a timing issue with a state of Ohio job creation tax credit agreement that is being negotiated.

The original agreement was put in place in connection with an agreement between Sauder Woodworking and IKEA, a worldwide manufacturer of home furnishings.

Sauder Woodworking officials said at the time they estimated they would add 150 jobs to the company payroll by the end of 2017.

Dettling said the tax credits with the village and the state are in connection with a project company officials are working on. She said at this point the nature of that project is “highly confidential.”

In voting on the agreement, Brian Huffman and Vaughn Bentz abstained. Huffman’s wife works for the company; Bentz is employed by Sauder Woodworking.

Executive Session

Council met in executive session for about 30 minutes. Stated purposed for the closed-door session was economic development.

Matt Gilroy, Fulton County Economic Development Corporation director, was a guest during the executive session.

In a later interview, Gilroy said he couldn’t say much, but that a company has “a shared interest” in the Archbold Industrial Park.

Gilroy said he met with council to seek direction regarding council’s interest in the project. He said he will bring more information back to council.

The project is in the very early stages of negotiations. Gilroy described the potential opportunity as “manufacturing construction.”


Council also took the first steps to annex 57.64 acres of land into the village.

The land owned under the name Frey’s West Field Addition, Ltd., lies north of Westfield Drive, Monterey Court, and Walnut Street, south of West Lutz Road (Co. Rd. D), and east of Frey Road (Co. Rd. 24).

Dettling said property owners plan to do residential and commercial development on the property, but may bring the parcel into the village zoned for agriculture. That, she said, would provide the owners with the maximum flexibility for future development.

As part of the agreement, Archbold and the German Township Trustees approved an annexation agreement, which calls for the village to compensate the township for revenue lost from a 1.8- mill road levy, part of what is called “inside millage.”

Inside millage is tax millage that is levied without requiring a vote of township citizens.

Dettling explained the village makes an upfront, lump sum payment that equals the amount of money the trustees will lose per year from the property being annexed, multiplied by 25 years.

The total works out to $2,748.33, she said.

During the meeting, Joe Short, German Township trustee, hand-delivered the trustees’ signed copy of the agreement to Dettling.

The next meeting is Monday, Sept. 24, 7 pm, in council chambers.

Dettling said council will stick with the second and fourth Mondays for October, making the October meeting dates Oct. 8 and Oct. 22.

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