2018-08-08 / Public Record

Archbold Police Log

July 26

8:53 am: Lost keys, 100 block Pheasant Lane.

10:23 am: Traffic detail for street department.

7:25 pm: Suspicious person, 200 block Lafayette St.

7:33 pm: Domestic trouble, 100 block West Barre Rd.

10:15 pm: Domestic trouble, 200 block E. Mechanic St.

July 27

12:15 am: Open garage door, 800 block Murbach St., owner closed door.

12:15 pm: Telephone complaint, East Gardens, advised subject to disregard.

6:34 pm: Parking violation, 1000 block Olds Ln., citation for parking too close to fire hydrant.

7:45 pm: Unlock, 1900 S. Defiance St.

8:46 pm: Issued two bicycle safety awards, 200 block E. Williams St.

July 28

8:45 am: Miscellaneous complaint, 200 block Hawthorn Dr.

10:05 pm: Unlock vehicle, Frozen Specialties.

11:23 pm: Suspicious vehicle 300 block Walnut St.

July 29

4:49 am: Suspicious vehicle, Ruihley Park, advised subject of park hours.

5:22 am: Unlock vehicle, Frozen Specialties.

6:02 pm: Raccoon, 700 block Murbach St., unable to locate.

July 30

7:03 am: Unlock vehicle, 1500 block S. Defiance St.

1:52 pm: Issued two bicycle safety awards, 400 block North Pointe Dr.

8:49 pm: Issued two bicycle safety awards, 100 block Pleasant St.

9:50 pm: 911 hang-up, 300 block West Barre Rd.

July 31

3:40 am: Assisted Fulton County Sheriff Department, transported subject to Fayette.

6:41 am: Road blocked by train, Defiance St. Norfolk Southern Railroad crossing.

11:01 am: Assist Fulton County sheriff deputy, East Gardens.

2:15 pm: Assist Henry County Sheriff Department with accident, St. Rt. 66 at Co. Rd. A.

3:35 pm: Unlock vehicle, Bil-Jax.

6:23 pm: Suspicious vehicle, Garden Dr.

6:51 pm: Domestic trouble, 100 block West St.

Aug. 1

4:03 am: 911 hang-up, 300 block Primrose Lane.

10:28 am: Suspicious activity, 600 E. Beech St.

10:46 am: Theft of checkbook, Fairlawn Haven.

12:31 pm: Accident, 100 block N. Defiance St.

2:25 pm: Marked tires for overtime parking, 100 Depot St.

5:18 pm: Reckless operation, S. Defiance St. at village limits, unable to locate.

5:22 pm: Citation to Zachery Surfus, 32, Archbold, reckless operation and no seatbelt, 200 block Lafayette St.

5:42 pm: Two written warnings for overtime parking, 100 block Depot St.

6:09 pm: Assist fire-rescue, Fairlawn Apartments.

7 pm: Miscellaneous complaint, 100 block Vine St., unable to contact parties.

7 pm: Vehicle unlock, 1000 block S. Defiance St.

7:01 pm: Issued bicycle safety award, 500 block Middle St.

Aug. 2

1:55 am: Suspicious vehicle, Sauder Village, construction vehicle, all okay.

Note: During the preceding week, Archbold police issued verbal warnings for speeding.

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