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Township Trustees Petition For Pettisville Drainage Project

The repair and rerouting of a storm sewer drainage line in Pettisville will be handled through the drainage petition process.

Kenneth “Skip” Leupp, president of the German Township Trustees, said the trustees held a special meeting Monday, Aug. 6, to approve a motion to ask that the project be petitioned.

The Clinton Township Trustees approved the action last week.

The Fulton County Commissioners were expected to approve the petition yesterday, Tuesday.

The plan is to replace an underground storm drainage line that partially runs under a home owned by Jessie O. and Jane G. Rodriguez, at 383 German Street.

It is believed the line, made of clay pipe, was built in 1929.

Originally, in February, Rod Creager, Fulton County chief deputy engineer, said the line was partially collapsed. Some storm water was still getting through.

Since that time, the line has collapsed, and is now totally blocked.

Initially, when trustees from the two townships began looking at the problem, they determined going with a drainage petition would take a minimum of 120 days, putting construction off until December.

But because the drainage problem is now considered an emergency, the waiting period is cut by 45 days, making construction still possible this fall.

First Plan

The original estimated cost of the rerouting and repair was $18,000, with township employees doing the work.

Leupp said that figure grew to between $20,000 and $30,000.

The plan was to get grant funding, then use local money to pay a local matching share.

However, if the entities did not receive a grant, the trustees and the county commissioners would be required to pay the full bill “and we would have been hung out to dry,” Leupp said.


By going with the petition method to fund the project, Leupp said the work will have to be sent out for bids, which could drive the cost up as much as $53,000.

Under the petition, the county engineers reviewed their maps and traced back how many properties will benefit from the project.

Leupp said preliminary information says 109 properties in the Pettisville area will receive a benefit, but he noted that does not include trustee- and county-owned properties.

Then the engineers will use the cost figure to determine how much benefit each property will receive. Property owners will be charged based on the benefit.

Leupp said property owners can take up to five years to pay the cost, which will be placed on property tax bills.

There will be a small charge for permanent maintenance. Any future repairs to the line will be covered by the maintenance fund.

All township trustees were present.

The next meeting is Monday, Aug. 13, 7 pm, at the township building.

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