2018-08-08 / Front Page

RFD Still Has Fire Siren

The Ridgeville Fire Department is continuing a practice that the Archbold Fire Department phased out.

When there is a fire or rescue call, the siren at the fire station still sounds.

“We do set it off for fire and EMS (emergency medical service) calls for a few reasons,” said Dan Benecke, RFD chief.

The RFD station is located near downtown, on a road that is both St. Rt. 34 and US 6. When the siren blows, traffic on the busy highways slows, making it easier for firefighters to both report to the station and leave on the call.

Another reason is that it provides a second activation signal for firefighters.

For example, a firefighter might have taken his pager off his belt and left it in another room.

He may hear the siren before he realizes he has been paged.

When the siren sounds for a fire or rescue run, it runs up, then slows down repeatedly, for two minutes. As the speed of the motor varies, the tone produced by the siren rises and falls as well.

A tornado warning is a three-minute continuous blast that does not change tone.

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