2018-07-11 / Public Record

Archbold Police Log

June 28

8:24 am: Gave advice, on station.

9:56 am: Verbal warning, riding bicycle in downtown business district.

11:11 am: Peace keep, 200 block E. Holland St.

June 29

3:43 pm: Follow-up, release vehicle from impound, 500 block Short-Buehrer Rd.

5:05 pm: Assist other police unit, Arrow Tru-Line, Williams County Probation Department.

June 30

9:41 am: Dog in car, Farmers & Merchants State Bank, spoke with owner, all okay.

2:45 pm: Help citizen find cell phone, 200 block Douglas Dr.

6:02 pm: Unlock vehicle, Sauder Village.

6:50 pm: 911 hang-up, Fairlawn Haven, all okay.

11:44 pm: Fireworks, 800 block West St., unable to locate.

July 1

2:06 am: Verbal warnings, parking violations, 100 block E. Holland St.

3:34 am: Stand up cones in turn lane, 200 block N. Defiance St.

11:40 am: Welfare check, 400 block S. Pleasant St., unable to make contact.

11:50 am: Property damage crash, occurred outside village, turned over to Fulton County Sheriff Department.

1:20 pm: Stranded person, Archbold Main Stop, heading for Fayette, met Fayette police at Ohio Turnpike interchange.

2:04 pm: Vehicle unlock, 100 block Garden Dr.

July 2

10:55 am: Sign damaged, 800 block N. Defiance St., notified street department.

3:56 pm: Vehicle unlock, 200 block E. Holland St.

5 pm: Follow-up, 100 block LaChoy Dr.

5:25 pm: Verbal warning, semi parked on a residential street, Buckeye St. near dead end.

6:10 pm: Civil problem, reported on station.

8:14 pm: Unwanted person, Sauder Woodworking West Barre Rd. Security, advised subject.

8:32 pm: Parking citation, parking in a prohibited area, 200 block Lafayette St.

July 3

1:53 pm: 911 hang-up, Care & Share, elevator emergency, accidental button push.

3:17 pm: Archbold Main Stop, answer questions about new driver licenses.

5:17 pm: Dog running loose, S. Defiance St. at Willow Way.

6:38 pm: Road rage, Miller Ave. at village limits, unable to locate.

July 4

9:46 am: 911 hang-up, S. Defiance St. at Monumental St., accidental.

10:43 am: Stood by at naturalization ceremony, Sauder Village.

1:51 pm: Loose dog across street, 200 block E. Williams St., no way to secure.

3:39 pm: Vehicle unlock, 200 block Bankey Ave.

4:44 pm: Dogs running at large, 700 block N. Defiance St.

8:50 pm: Suspicious vehicle, 400 block Quail Run.

10:15 pm: Assist Fulton County Sheriff Department, 23000 block Co. Rd. D, report of woman hearing noises, no deputy available.

July 5

9:39 am: Child on bicycle almost striking person leaving Lauber Clothing, 200 block N. Defiance, unable to locate.

10:43 am: Welfare check, 200 block LaChoy Dr., all okay.

1:31 pm: Civil problem, on station.

6:30 pm: Burglary, Colony Meadows.

Note: During the preceding week, Archbold police issued verbal warnings for speeding and no front license plate.

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