2018-07-11 / Opinion

Move The Line

The Archbold village corporation limits– the lines that demarcate what land is within the village limits– are not perfect.

In places the line travels down the middle of a road, making one side of the street within the village, and one side outside.

This recently came to light on West Lutz Road. West Lutz Road is one of those with the village border running down the middle. The north side is outside the village; the south side is in.

That prompts a question: can Archbold police write speeding tickets on what is technically not within the village?

An even bigger question: For decades, the village has been paying to maintain West Lutz Road, including snowplowing, resurfacing, etc. Essentially, the village is paying to maintain something it doesn’t technically own!

Jeff Fryman, mayor, said recently that in these places where a road is half inside the village and half out, the boundary should be moved so the whole road is within our limits.

That makes sense. Especially on West Lutz Road, such a move would clean up traffic enforcement issues.

Draw up the paperwork and take care of the situation.

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