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Trustees Approve Annexation Agreement

After weeks of negotiation, village of Archbold officials and the German Township Trustees have reached an annexation agreement.

The annexation involves properties on the south side of Archbold, near the former Oberhaus Enterprises museum building.

The annexation clears the way for the sale of the building to the owners of Powder Coat Plus, which occupies a building to the west.

When the property is annexed into the village, German Township will lose revenue from a 1.8-mill road levy that is part of what is called “inside millage.” Inside millage is millage that is levied without requiring a vote of the township citizens.

The agreement negotiated between the village and the township calls for a one-time payment of $1,116.68.

25 Years

Joe Short, a township trustee, explained the township receives $44.67 per year from the road levy from the taxes levied on the property.

The one-time payment of $1,116.68 represents the equivalent of 25 years of revenue from the levy lost because of the annexation.

In a later interview, Short said there were a couple of options the village could have chosen to compensate the township. Village officials chose the one-time payment option.

“What this ultimately does is create a fair agreement between the village and the township in the incorporated and unincorporated areas,” he said.

It is the way similar annexations around much of the state are being handled, he said, and provides a template for future annexations.

Both sides know the costs involved, and the village and the township won’t have to go through long periods of negotiation to create an agreement for each annexation.

The township trustees approved the agreement at their Monday, July 9 meeting.

Short was absent; trustees Kenneth “Skip” Leupp and Andy Brodbeck both approved the agreement.

Leupp and Brodbeck made arrangements to have the document signed and notarized this week.

Archbold Village Council must approve the agreement before it is finalized.


Short praised Brett Kolb, Fulton County auditor as “the reason this agreement really happened.

“He had some conversations with the village council; we had conversation with him. Portions of the agreement he had worked on in the past, and (he) updated the numbers.”


Josh King, township Road superintendent, said he and Jeff Aeschliman, road maintenance worker, cut down dead trees in road rightof ways on Co. Rd. B, and cleaned up the remains of an old tree cut down on Co. Rd. 26.

Trees in the middle of the road right-of-way of Co. Rd. 24 represent a safety issue for motorists and should be taken down, Leupp said.

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