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Golden Notes Of Archbold's Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Fulton County Commissioners terminated Bob Hartman, Fulton County Emergency Medical Service- Emergency Management Agency director, Monday, June 16, after inaccuracies in billings for EMS runs were discovered.

“Bob is a good person. He moved us (Fulton County) forward in terms of emergency preparedness,” said Joe Short, Fulton County commissioner.

Ticket prices for athletic events at AHS are going up $1 for students and adults as the result of a decision by the school board. The board voted to raise prices from $5 to $6 for adults and $3 to $4 for students.

Memorial Park was busy with baseball and softball practices Monday morning, June 16. In a photograph, Kayla Coressel, 13, winds up for an underhanded pitch under the eyes of Greg Kuhlman, coach. Derrick Davis, 11, hurls a pitch toward home plate. He’s a member of the City League. Hannah Kern, 11, a member of the gold team, laughs as she throws a warm-up toss.

Hiring a part-time police officer, street superintendent, and approving street improvements were items discussed by council, Monday night.

Local woodworkers have found a way to share their passion of working with wood, and at the same time benefiting others.

The craftsmen have been working steadily on projects for the Black Swamp Benefit Bazaar.

Lauren Bowman, Lester Nafziger, and Sam Oyer are three such artisans who ply their craft in the Fairlawn Haven Woodshop.

60th Wedding Anniversary– Herbert and Virginia (Nofziger) Nofziger, July 25, 1948

50th Wedding Anniversary– Marvin and Sharon (Klopfenstein) Lantz, June 14, 1958

Honor Students – Kayla Mock, BGSU; Samantha Schaffner, Fayette, Heidelberg; Kimberly Bowman, Tony Doehrmann, Kayla Short, Archbold; Andrew Spotts, Pettisville; Lanette Short, Isaac Wyse, Wauseon, Hesston College.

Deaths–Hazel B. Wheeler, 99, Archbold; Timothy “Tom” Yoder, 67, Archbold; David J. Browning, 65, Archbold; Berneda Mae Stuckey, 88, West Unity

E. Dean Beck received the Ohio Hospital Association Distinguished Service Award, June 9.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, June 16, 1993

While open enrollment requests continue to arrive at Pettisville Local Schools, the district anticipates its largest increase of students in history. Since each student brings additional income to the district, the Pettisville Board of Education approved salary increases to teachers and support personnel at its Monday meeting.

Archbold will be invaded next Monday by an army of bicyclists.

GOBA, the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure, will roll through the village, leaving from one overnight campsite in Defiance to its next overnight stop in Wauseon.

Tom Barlow, GOBA director, said during the course Monday morning, about 3,000 cyclists will pedal through Archbold, coming into town on Short-Buehrer Road and riding through on South and North Defiance streets to West Lutz Road and pedaling east on Co. Rd. D to destination Wauseon.

For some riders, Archbold will be the 18-mile mark of the day’s trip, and will be a good place to stop for breakfast or maybe a little ice cream, said Fred Witte, director of the Archbold Chamber of Commerce.

John J. Jimenez, AHS ‘60, was named superintendent of the Michigan Center (Mich.) school system, May 19. He was offered a two-year contract. Jimenez joined the Jackson, Mich., school system in 1966. He has served as a teacher, coach, guidance counselor, and district principal.

The Archbold native lives at Clark Lake with his wife and daughters. He is the son of Socorro (Jimenez) Rocha, Archbold, and the late Manual Jimenez.

40th Wedding Anniversary– Paul and Barbara Sigg, Archbold; 50th Wedding Anniversary – Bill and Ellie Figy, Wauseon

The home of Paul M. and A. Pauline Short, 109 South Defiance Street sold at public auction July 10, to Kevin and Robin Stamm for $55,000. An additional vacant lot located south of the home sold to Daryl “Sam” and Dorothy Grime for $15,500.

John C. Ordway and Brett H. Cousino have completed Air Force basic training at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas.

Honor Students – Anna Schrock and Kim Bostelman, University of Akron; John Richard Horning, Huntington College.

Receiving softball plaques for the 1993 season were Susan Pape, Nicole Fortier, Heather Grieser, Hope Grieser, and Laura Beck, according to a photograph

Deaths – Priscilla Neuhauser, 101, Archbold

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, June 19, 1968

Fulton County Commissioners have given their approval to place a bond issue of $3,250,000 on the November ballot to issue bonds for a new county hospital.

A dedication service for the new West Clinton Mennonite Church building is Sunday, June 23 at 2 pm.

Carl Beck, a missionary to Japan currently on furlough who grew up in the congregation, will be the speaker.

Robert J. Durbin was employed as superintendent of the Four County Technical Institute by the board of trustees at their Thursday night meeting.

Beverly Nofziger, Marcia Frey, and Randy Nofziger leave Saturday for National Music Camp at Interlochen, Mich.

Miss Connie Sue Sommer and Miss Annette Liechty are spending the summer in Europe. They will visit friends and relatives of Miss Liechty in France and will tour Germany and Switzerland by car with a cousin of Miss Sommer, who is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Sommer. Miss Liechty is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Liechty.

Thieves broke into the Wilson Hardware, Fayette, some time Sunday morning, stole a .22 automatic rifle with scope, 12 boxes of shells, jackknife, hunting knife, and $3 in cash, and fired five shots.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Stevens will leave Saturday for a two-week trip to San Francisco, Hawaii, and Las Vegas.

Jeff Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Smith, left Tuesday, driving to Boulder, Colo., where he will take a ten-week summer course at the University of Colorado.

Marce Gayton, post commander, was elected the delegate from the Third Division, First District, to the national convention to be held in St. Louis, Mo., in September. Mr. Gayton is the first Legionnaire from Archbold to be elected to a national convention.

Deaths–Minnie Rowe, 76, Ridgeville Corners; Nancy Rashley, 93, Wauseon; Foster Siegel, 83, West Unity

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, June 16, 1943

Cpl. Lester Austermiller, brother-in-law of David Rupp and a soldier in action with American expeditionary forces in Africa, writes: “I never told you much about what I was doing because I didn’t want to worry you, but now it is over so I can spill the beans.

“In the first place we landed at Port Lyantry, about 100 miles from Casablanca. We stayed there a few months, then started to push toward Tunisia. We traveled 1,000 miles, taking over a month during which it rained nearly every day.

“From then on we saw a lot of action in Tunisia. We were at the front at Maknassey and in the last drive into Bizerte. From then on the Jerrys began to surrender by the thousands. Now every live German in Africa is in a barb wire pen.

“We have hardly had a picnic and I wish those people on strike in the United States had been with us.”

Northwestern Ohio Volunteer Firemen will hold their 70th annual convention at Defiance today, Wednesday. Archbold will be represented by A.C. Fagley, fire chief, and Tom Porter, assistant chief.

The convention attracts large crowds of visiting fire companies, and flashy bands in uniform march in the parade.

Norman L. Stevens, driller of gas wells in Fulton County, continues to find producing wells at each attempt. His last success was a strong well, struck on the Ed. Yoder farm near the Edward Rupp farm in Clinton Township. Mr. Stevens has already started another well on the nearby Enos Roth farm.

A group of about 15 draftees from Fulton County is called for their first physical examination at the Wauseon Hospital, for Friday, June 18. They are mostly young men just out of school.

The demand for full-time farm labor is running ahead of the supply. However, a few men and boys are available for part-time tractor driving and general farm labor.

In Northwest Ohio, there are only two living veterans of the Civil War: Benjamin Smith, 100, of Bryan, and Joseph T. Bushong, 96, of Hicksville.

I have moved my barbershop from the Gype Building across the street to the room in the Peoples State Bank building. I am ready to serve all old and new customers.– C.B. Fankhauser–adv.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, June 11, 1918

Beginning at midnight Sunday, all railroad fares throughout the nation have been raised three cents. This knocks out Ohio’s two-cent fare. Rates on sleepers and chair cars also have been advanced.

All express companies of the United States have been consolidated into one company under the name American Railroad Express Company. There will be no more American, Wells-Fargo United States.

I hereby express my sincere thanks to the people of the Rural Route Mail Service No. 11, for the beautiful gifts they gave me upon entering military service. I hope to be of more service to you when I return. Your mail carrier in camp, Theodore Buehrer, Taylor, Ky.–adv.

June 14 is Flag Day in America. It will be the 141st birthday of the adoption of the American Eagle as our national emblem. Governor Cox requests that all assemblies honor the day by singing the Star Spangled Banner.

Farmers are wondering how they will harvest the field crops because of the shortage of young boys who are serving in the military service in Europe. In some German Township farming neighborhoods, it is impossible to hire help at any price.

I am adding a shoe-repairing outfit in connection with my leather harness business. I am hoping for your patronage.– Andrew Shibler, adv.

Hundreds of people saw the eclipse Saturday evening. The sun was at its brightest at 5:30 and the whistle blew when the shadow of the moon appeared over the disc of the sun. It was plainly seen through a piece of smoked glass and was a sight that impressed the ignorant with the accuracy of the calculations of the scientists.

During the eclipse, there was an unusual light that made strange colorings. Some persons who tried to see the phenomenon with the naked eye discovered their eyes were incapable of withstanding the strong bright sunlight.

In this issue we publish the 59 names of the men from Archbold and German Township who are in military service.

Early cherries are ripe. The robins are having a grand time eating. The robin is entitled to a few cherries for all the bugs he eats.

Friday, June 14, 1918

Street commissioner Hank Nofziger has been doing wonderfully important work in grading the dirt streets in the village.

With the grader and the Frank Nofziger traction machine, he has been able to do more work in a day than 50 men could do with picks and shovels.

A little time and money spent on the dirt streets makes them passable and prevents them from becoming terrible nightmares to travel during the wet season. Residents along the streets appreciate the work the council has ordered.

Some of the side streets are now in better condition than ever before.

Miss Cecelia Flory’s piano pupils will render their annual recital at the Archbold Town Hall on Tuesday evening, June 18. In addition to the excellent performance to be given by her pupils, Miss Flory has been fortunate in securing the services of Mrs. Morris Bruns, of Stryker, whose soprano voice will add beauty to the evening’s entertainment.

The Ohio War Savings Ball, 19 feet, 1,000 pounds, striped in red, white, and blue, will be tolled into our county from Bryan, Monday, June 17. The ball idea is borrowed from the political campaign of 1840. At the county line just west of Archbold, a delegation of automobiles will meet the truck carrying the ball from Bryan to Wauseon.

Railroad fares have advanced considerably. From Archbold to Toledo on the NYC they have jumped from 85¢ to $1.30 and from Archbold to Chicago, $4.85 to $6.31. Only three trains stop at Archbold daily.

Edwin Rueger raised a 40x44 straw barn and a 20x80 shed on the Rueger place, one half-mile west of Burlington, Thursday. It was done in the good old-fashioned way.

Because of lack of funds, busy times, and shortages of men due to the war in Europe, Archbold firemen will not participate in the convention of the Volunteer Firemen of Northwestern Ohio at Napoleon, next Wednesday.

The local board is in receipt of a call for 14 men to be sent to Camp Sherman in a five-day movement beginning June 24.

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