2018-04-11 / Opinion

Letter To The Editor

The LGBTQ+ movement looks to obliterate a Christian’s right to uphold a Biblical view of marriage and gender.

This February, Metro City Church Riverview campus in Detroit was inundated with gay pornography, hate mail, and death threats when the pastor announced that the church would provide a workshop offering biblical counseling and prayer for any girl (by birth) age 12- 16 who struggles with the thoughts that she is Trans- Bi-Gay or other.

Several hundred gay rights protesters arrived the evening of the first meeting.

The multifaceted attack persuaded the pastor to cancel the remaining workshop sessions, for worry of the participants’ safety.

Last spring, my fourth grade daughter brought home a book from the Archbold Elementary School library in which one of the main characters connects with his future self, who is in a gay marriage.

My wife, daughter, and I were surprised that a book affirming gay marriage was available to her in the Archbold Elementary School library.

We brought our concerns about the book to the school district. A panel was appointed to deliberate over our concern.

The panel decided unanimously to keep the book in the library.

I understand that Archbold School District is a public district, but, Christians, I ask is our faith to be left in the pews, or is it to be carried out in all aspects of our lives?

The LGBTQ+ movement is attacking, threatening, and using vulgar and distasteful confrontation to discourage people from exercising protected religious freedom, which allows Christians to disagree with sexual immorality.

Bible Believing Patriots: Wake up and Stand up! Let us stop hiding behind silence.

Let us spend time studying the entirety of God’s word, and let us stand up for the God of the Bible and His 10 commandments.

Mike Whiteman


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