2018-04-11 / Opinion

Letter To The Editor

I read with interest the article Chad Baus wrote concerning arming teachers.

He makes some good points, but there is a danger of having loaded weapons inside a school building.

Some students come to school high on drugs. Some would love to get a gun.

During my time as superintendent of the Archbold Area Schools, we had a student who wanted to kill a teacher. He told this to other students.

One morning, he came to school spaced out. It took three local police to subdue him. He was big and strong.

If he could have gotten a gun, many could have been killed.

The objective is to protect and serve students, not money.

My answer would be to have all entry doors locked and controlled by the main office, similar to how prison doors are locked. Doors would have bulletproof glass.

A security guard is inside the main entry door. He contacts the main office, and they give him directions as to what to do.

Students plotting to kill other students are sneaky. They would soon find where the teacher’s gun was, find ways to get it, and the killing would begin.

Richard Harris,


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