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Water, Sanitary Sewer Fees Go Up

Archbold Village Council passed the only piece of legislation put before it at its Monday, March 5 meeting.

The legislation increases water and sanitary sewer fees.

The increases do not deal with the amount of water a customer consumes.

The legislation increases the cost of such things as water main tap fees, turnoff and turn-on services, and water meter repairs if a meter is damaged by a user.

Donna Dettling, village administrator, said the rates and fees had not been adjusted since 2013.

The legislation had been reviewed and recommended by the council utility committee.

The new rates and fees go into effect April 1.

In reviewing minutes from a Feb. 19 utility committee meeting, Vaughn Bentz, committee chair, said part of the discussion touched on the village water tower.

During the Feb. 7 council meeting, Scott Schultz, water treatment plant superintendent, said an inspection of the village water tower, located near the corner of Oak and West streets, said it has about 10 years of service life left.

Bentz said the committee believes it is time to start proceedings to build a new water tower. The committee set aside money to begin the engineering process.

The village will have to work with the county on the project, said Kevin Morton, council president.

Dettling said she wants to explore cost-sharing options as well.

Rate Hike

Dettling said village water customers will see a rate hike for water and wastewater service, the actual amount of water used, starting June 1.

Water rates will go up 8%, while wastewater, based on water usage, increases 13%.

Council passed a two-year plan to increase water and wastewater rates in the summer of 2017.

Rates were increased by the same amounts during 2017.

At that time, it was reported that total water consump- tion by village customers was down by 32%.

The decrease in sales resulted in lower revenue, which the water and wastewater departments had to make up out of reserve funds.

Dettling said during the Feb. 19 utility committee meeting, committee members went over strategy for an upcoming meeting with officials from ConAgra, the largest water customer in the village.

Co. Rd. 24 Meeting

Council also discussed a meeting with the German Township Trustees, Monday, March 12, 6 pm, at the German Township Garage to discuss the improvement of Co. Rd. 24.

It will be the second meeting; the first was on Feb. 5.

Among others who might attend are Mike Gramza, capital programs administrator for the Ohio Department of Transportation District Two office in Bowling Green; a representative of Tetra Tech, the engineering firm working on a proposed highway relocation; Frank Onweller, Fulton County engineer; and Matt Gilroy, executive director of the Fulton County Economic Development Corporation.

Praise For Street Department

Bentz told fellow councilmen he observed a street sign had been knocked over at the corner of Elm and Middle streets.

Bentz said he reported the damaged sign to the street department at 3 pm.

By 8 am the next day, a crew was on-site repairing the damage.

“That shows just how quickly the street department reacts. That’s pretty impressive,” he said.

Jeff Fyman, mayor, told another story.

He received a phone call at 7 am on a Saturday morning that the usual Friday garbage pickup was missed on Cardinal Drive.

Dogs or other animals had gotten into the trash, and it was spread all over.

Fryman called Jason Martz, street commissioner.

By 8 am, a street department worker was on Cardinal Drive with a pickup truck. That worker not only picked up the trash, but cleaned up the scattered mess.

Fryman said he received phone calls from people, complimenting the street department for its fast reaction.

All council members were present, and all votes were unanimous.

The next meeting is Monday, Feb. 19, 7 pm, in council chambers.

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