2017-09-13 / Opinion

Old Photo Corner

Old Photo courtesy Jania Taylor, Archbold Buckeye vice president. Jania writes,I will never forget my first trip to New York City in 1976. My dad, Ross Taylor; brother, Brent; myself; and grandpa Orrin Taylor (from left) drove to Philadelphia for a National Newspaper Association convention. My grandpa had made a lifelong friend on one of his many trips to the city, who was a conductor on the commuter train between Philly and NYC. On this day we spent a whirlwind day in New York with him as our tour guide. One of our many stops was at the World Trade Center twin towers. Here we are at the Top of the World Observatory on the 110th floor. How I dreamed of going back to have dinner at the Windows On The World restaurant, but it never became a reality.”

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