2017-08-09 / Opinion

Letter To The Editor

I wish to support the very good recommendation John Wilson made to the village counsel and township trustees concerning the fire department issue.

I have lived in this community for 86 years, and I have grown up and lived with much appreciation for how the fire department served the needs of town and township.

It has always seemed to be an efficient and most reasonable way for town and township to cooperate to the benefit of both.

Now it seems that our village council wants to take over, to the harm of the township.

The trustees feel attacked and outnumbered in the meetings held, and have responded accordingly.

All citizens, township and town will be harmed socially and financially if we do not listen to reason and put away our arrogant attitudes.

Archbold has always been known as a predominately Christian community, but I see little of Christian principles practiced in the current exchanges between our community leaders– both the council and the trustees.

I support either Shalom Ministries or James Barber being mediators. Both have experience in coming to fair judgment on many issues and could well serve to help our community continue in a cooperative way.

In fact, I would see either of them being appointed as arbiters agreed upon by both the council and trustees with agreement to accept arbitration as given by them.

It may be that that James Barber should be considered as one living outside of the community and his experience as a judge.

I feel he has demonstrated fairness and wisdom in his decision-making in the past.

It may be high time for all of us to seek God’s guidance for this!

Charles Gautsche


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