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New Names Added To Ballot

As of the filing deadline at 4 pm, Wednesday, Aug. 9, here are the persons who filed their petitions for the Nov. 7 general election:

Archbold Village Council (vote for no more than 3): Vaughn Bentz (incumbent), Drew Ginn, Stacey J. Heckel, A.J. Schroeder, Bradley A. Short. Incumbents Kenny Cowell and Ed Leininger did not file petitions.

German Township Trustee (vote for no more than 2): Andrew Brodbeck, James R. Dominique, Bruce Lauber (incumbent), Randy E. Ruffer (incumbent), Joe Short.

Clinton Township Trustee (vote for no more than 2): Ivan A. Hite (incumbent), Leonard Richer (incumbent), Perry L. Rupp, Gregory L. Stutesman.

Archbold School Board (vote for no more than 3): Karen E. Beck, Roel Galvan (incumbent), Phil Nofziger (incumbent).

Pettisville School Board (vote for no more than 3): Daniel J. Dymarkowski (incumbent), Rick Graber (incumbent), Brent Hoylman, John King.-Posted 8.9, 5:15 pm

Some new names have been added to local races on the Tuesday, Nov. 7 general election ballots.

A.J. Schroeder filed paperwork for a run for Archbold Village Council. Schroeder is a former Archbold police officer.

Other nominating petitions are being circulated, but have not been filed.

Three incumbent councilmen– Vaughn Bentz, Kenny Cowell, and Ed Leininger– have terms expiring this year.

The deadline for filing nominating petitions is 4 pm, today, Wednesday.

Karen E. Beck filed to run for a seat on the Archbold School Board. The terms of board members Roel Galvan, Jon Lugbill and Phil Nofziger expire Dec. 31.

On the Pettisville School Board, the seats of Daniel Dymarkowski, Rick Graber, and John King are set to expire. Graber and Dymarkowski filed petitions seeking to return to the board.

There is no change in the three-way race for two German Township Trustee posts.

Incumbents Bruce Lauber and Randy Ruffer are seeking reelection. They are being challenged by Joe Short.

In Franklin Township, incumbents Robert Keiser and Jack Rupp are seeking reelection, as well.

Ivan Hite and Leonard Richer, Clinton Township Trustees, are seeking reelection to their posts. They face a challenge from Gregory Stutesman.

In Henry County, incumbents Jeff Buchhop and Alan Damman have filed petitions to seek reelection to seats as Freedom Township Trustees.

No petitions have been filed for Ridgeville Township Trustee. Up for reelection are Joshua Behnfeldt and Bruce Hesterman.

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