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First Baby Of 2015 Is Still A Big Boy, Mom Says

by David Pugh
Buckeye Staff Writer

JT Paul Rufenacht, the Archbold Buckeye First Baby of 2015, is ready to give up his reign as a new year approaches.– photo by David Pugh JT Paul Rufenacht, the Archbold Buckeye First Baby of 2015, is ready to give up his reign as a new year approaches.– photo by David Pugh When JT Paul Rufenacht was born at 1:01 am, Jan. 9, 2015, he was a big baby.

At 10 pounds, 8 ounces, he was well over the U.S. average of 7 1/2 pounds.

He was also 22 inches long.

Almost a year later, as he prepares to give up his crown as the Archbold Buckeye First Baby of 2015, he’s still a big boy, “but not heavy,” his mother Kylie said.

“He’s my longest, but not my heaviest. I know it’s kind of funny that he was my heaviest baby at birth, but he’s not as chubby as my other three were.”

The other three are siblings Liza, 5, Jarett, 7, and Titus, 10.

Today, JT weighs 25 pounds and is 31 inches tall. He has eight teeth.

“We think he is working on some more, which can come sooner than later,” Kylie said.

“His hair has lightened since he was born to light brown-blonde. It even has a slight curl in it, which is definitely different from his siblings.”

Born with blue eyes, Kylie said JT now has brown eyes “like his Mom and his sister.”

The big guy has been an awesome baby from day one, Kylie said.

He’s made a lot of progress as he grows.

“We’re just starting to take a few steps. The siblings all want to rush it. Mom is not,” she said, adding her husband, Cory, is trying to get him to walk.

He will sleep through the night.

“He doesn’t always, but he can. Usually (he wakes up) once a night. I think he gets cold, or hungry,” Kylie said.

Laid Back

JT is developing his own personality, and it’s very laid back, she said.

“He loves to watch his siblings and play with them, crawl and chase them around, and laugh with them,” Kylie said.

His brothers and sister have taken to JT as well.

“’Get out of his face! Leave him alone!’” Kylie said, quoting herself admonishing the three elder children.

“He loves cats and dogs,” she said.

How do the cats and dogs react?

“They don’t mind. He hasn’t pulled any tails yet,” she said.


Cory said his son “is into a lot of stuff. He’s very inquisitive.”

One of JT’s favorite things is a large crock, a family heirloom.

“One of his favorite things is to grab it and roll it around,” Cory said.

“He likes to get into my kitchen cupboards. We all kind of direct him to the Tupperware cupboard. That’s for safety,” Kylie said.

JT doesn’t have any one particular favorite toy.

“He is usually able to make things out of anything,” she said. “He likes anything that makes noise, and he’s been starting this little ‘throwing thing’ lately.

“And anything he can get into his mouth.

“We like to stack blocks, and he likes to go chase them down and knock them over.”

When it comes to food, JT likes fruits.

“That’s something he’s really into. And pasta.

“For the most part, he likes to eat, but he’s not a big fan of green vegetables, unfortunately.

“He does eat green beans, but that is the extent,” Kylie said.

JT’s given name is just that. JT.

Kylie and Cory explained in January that JT was something they liked, and after trying to come up with names to fit the initials, they decided to just go with JT.

So, how many people ask what JT stands for?

“Probably 85% of them!” Kylie said.

But at the same time, she said if they read his name on a form or something, they would probably call him JT anyway.

JT’s middle name, Paul, honors Kylie’s late grandfather, Paul Short.


JT’s grandparents are Randy and Nancy Ruffer and Jim and Linda Rufenacht, both of rural Archbold.

Great-grandparents include Jo Short, Archbold; Myrtle Ruffer, Stryker; and Charles and Marjorie Gautsche, Archbold.

Kylie describes her youngest son as, “a guy on the go. A happy guy on the go.

“If people had him for their first baby, they would have lots more babies.”

First Baby Of 2016

The Archbold Buckeye First Baby of 2016 will be the first child born at any hospital after 12 am, Friday, Jan. 1, 2016, to parents living in the Archbold or Pettisville school districts.

JT’s successor will be featured in one of the first issues of the Archbold Buckeye in 2016 and receive a multitude of gifts from area businesses, including:

•$25 gift card, Sauder Furniture Store & Outlet;

•two buffets, The Barn Restaurant;

•$30 gift certificate, Deluxe Cleaners;

•$10 gift certificate, The Home Restaurant;

•$25 gift card, The Corner Gallery;

•Complimentary chiropractic care for the newborn for a year, Nafziger Family Chiropractic;

•$25 gift card from Wauseon Ace;

•$25 gift certificate and a book, Eliza Henry;

•John Deere bib, pacifier, and sippy cup, Brush Creek Sales & Rental;

•$20 gift certificate, Arch- bold SuperValu Foods;

•Stainless steel two-piece baby silverware set, Hilver’s Jewelers;

•Fleece picnic blanket, RTEC Communications;

•$20 gift card, Subway;

•Pound of chocolate covered nuts, Al-Meda Chocolates;

•And a year’s subscription to the Archbold Buckeye.

Parents who think their baby may be the Archbold Buckeye First Baby of 2016 should refer to page 8 for details and information on how to report the birth to the Buckeye.

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