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Add Cameras To School Buses In Pettisville?

The Pettisville School Board may add cameras to school buses to catch drivers who don’t stop for the yellow vehicles.

Two Pettisville bus drivers with routes that include St. Rt. 2 and US20A spoke to the board during its Monday, May 19 meeting.

The two said there has been a noticeable increase in the number of drivers who do not stop for the buses, even when the red lights are on and the stop sign is deployed.

Roger Weber said he has had numerous incidents of drivers ignoring the red lights on his bus in one year. Other bus drivers have reported similar problems.

Kelly McDermott agreed with Weber.

She said the numbers have definitely been increasing.

Weber told of one case in which a student had exited the bus and was waiting to cross the road when a driver sailed past the bus without stopping.

Both bus drivers asked the board to look into installing cameras on the buses that would be activated when the red lights come on and the stop sign is extended.

The cameras would assist the drivers in gathering the information needed in order to prosecute the offenders.

“The sheriff says that we need to get the license plate number, the make and model of the car, the color of the car, and a description of the driver,” Weber said.

“It is very difficult to gather all that information while we are also trying to make sure the students who are getting on or off the bus are safe, and are not attempting to cross the road.”

Both drivers said the bulk of the offenses occur on the state routes, within a mile or two of County Road 19.

Ideally, the cameras would only be activated when the driver activates the red lights and warning stop sign, so that the footage could be used to assist in prosecution.

The board agreed to investigate the options for cameras.

Steve Switzer, superintendent, said the cost of the cameras and the installation will be researched, and a recommendation will be made at a future board meeting.–D.J. Neuenschwander

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