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iPads Approved For AHS Students

The Archbold Area School Board, by unanimous vote, approved a program that will put Apple iPad tablet computers in the hands of every Archbold High School student beginning next school year.

The board took action at its Monday night, March 19 meeting.

School board members were first introduced to the idea of a One-to-One model at its Monday, Feb. 27 meeting.

They discussed it in a special meeting Monday, March 12.

No New Money

David Deskins, district superintendent, emphasized that the One-to-One project will not require additional school budget money.

The money, Deskins said, will come from the technology budget of the permanent improvement fund, not the general fund.

The school district will lease 440 iPad tablet computers, one for every student and teacher, for three years. The annual payment will be $79,138.43, which includes 1.8% interest.

The total cost for three years is $237,415.29. At the end of the lease, the school can purchase the iPads for $1 each.


Before voting for the Oneto One program, Bob Aschliman, board member, said technology is a wonderful thing. He’s seen many computer programs launched, and said, “It’s all about the implementation.”

He said people need special forms of training on computers. Some require someone else to actually use the technology for them before they catch on.

Aschliman encouraged school officials to do whatever they can to get teachers to embrace the technology.

“The sooner, the better,” he said.

Phil Nofziger, board member, said he is excited students will use the iPads from 3 to 10 pm, not just from 8 am to 3 pm during the school day.

He said the iPads will put all high school students on the same level. Currently, some students have more opportunity to access technology than others.

Jon Lugbill, school board president, read a prepared statement.

He said that for many years, the school district has been asked to do more with less money, offering educational opportunities with less resources.

The iPads, he said, should help the district accomplish its goal in a more effective and efficient procedure.

He said teachers do more than transmit knowledge. They are mentors who teach social skills, and develop their moral compasses.

The iPads, he said, will take teaching to a new level, and require more of teachers.–David Pugh

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