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Bill Rufenacht Upsets Genter In GOP Primary

Haselman, Miller, MacDonald Also Win

Bill Rufenacht, former Archbold village councilman, unseated Dean Genter, incumbent Fulton County commissioner, in the Republican primary election, Tuesday, March 6.

Rufenacht lead the entire evening as votes were tallied. The final count was 4,166 votes for Rufenacht to 2,921 for Genter.

Traditionally in Fulton County, winning the GOP primary practically guarantees the candidate will take the office, because Fulton County GOP candidates are usually not opposed in the fall general election.

Rufenacht could not be reached for comment.

Other winners in contested countywide GOP primary races included Roy Miller defeating Rick Sluder for sheriff. Scott Haselman, incumbent prosecutor, defeated Stacey Burns, and Paul MacDonald, incumbent clerk of courts, defeated Abigail Bieber.

Miller picked up 4,535 votes compared to Sluder’s 2,830.

“It’s great to have that kind of support,” Miller said.

The campaign “has been a learning experience,” he said.

Miller said by talking to people throughout the county, “I learned a lot, and I will take that to heart.”

Miller said he may face a challenge from an independent candidate for sheriff in the fall general election.

Haselman defeated Burns 4,085 to 2,934.

“I’m humbled by all the support,” Haselman said.

“I’m grateful the voters of Fulton County entrusted me to be their prosecutor for another four years.

“Fulton County is a big county, but when you’re campaigning, you realize it’s actually a small county. You get to know a lot of people.”

MacDonald received 3,914 votes compared to Beiber’s 2,935.

MacDonald could not be reached for comment.

Levies, Question

Voters in German Township overwhelmingly supported the request for the renewal of a half-mill (.5), five-year property tax levy for continued operation of the Archbold-German Township Fire Department.

The final tally was 1,258 votes in favor to 346 opposed.

Voters across Fulton County voted in favor of a renewal of a two-mill, five-year property tax levy for the Fulton County Board of Developmental Disabilities. The levy raises about $1.6 million per year for operations of the board. The vote was 6,244 in favor to 4,007 opposed.

Voters in the seven-county area covered by the Four County Career Center approved a two-tenths (.2) of a mill property tax levy for permanent improvements.

Across the seven counties, there were 18,314 in favor to 17,260 opposed.

Tuesday’s vote was the second time the levy was put before voters. It failed in November 2011.

Career Center officials say the approximately $594,000 per year the levy will raise will be used to build new classrooms and update the building.

In Fulton County, 30 of 36 precincts vote on the Four County levy (some parts of eastern Fulton County are in the Penta County Vocational Center district). Of those 30 precincts, the levy failed 4,109 in favor to 4,543 opposed.

Henry, Defiance, and Williams counties passed the levy.

Clinton Township voters approved a half-mill (.5) levy for the Union Cemetery, 1,294 to 874.

An attempt to pass a levy for the cemetery in November

2011 failed. It was placed back on the ballot at a reduced rate.

Voters in Archbold Precinct Three voted to allow Ickey’s Restaurant to serve liquor on Sundays between 11 am and midnight.

The vote was 232 to 142.

Voters in Wauseon Precinct Five gave Wal-Mart the local Sunday option by a very narrow margin, 183 to 182.

Voters in the Swanton Local School District turned down a renewal of a 4.22- mill five-year property tax levy for emergency requirements. The vote was 930 for the levy to 1,091 against.

In Henry County, voters approved a 1.2-mill, fiveyear replacement levy for the county health department, 4,233 to 3,053.

Henry County defeated a 1.4-mill, 10-year health department levy in November 2011.


Bob Latta, incumbent U.S. Congressman of the fifth congressional district (R-Bowling Green), defeated his GOP challenger, Bob Wallis, 74,215 to 15,748.

The fifth district covers much of Northwest Ohio.

Latta will face Angela Zimmann, a Democratic challenger, in the fall.


Tuesday’s vote count, considered unofficial by the Board of Elections, includes 1,041 Fulton County absentee ballots.

There are still 28 absentee ballots out. Two are from people in the U.S. Armed Forces, which can arrive up to 10 days after the election.

There are also 26 absentee ballots outstanding. If they arrive within 10 days and are postmarked no later than Monday, March 5, they can be counted.

There are also 95 provisional ballots not yet counted.

Provisional ballots are cast by registered voters who have moved to a new precinct but never changed their registration.

The Fulton County Board of Elections must contact other county boards to verify that the person casting the ballot was registered to vote at his previous address.

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