2012-02-29 / Religion

Wagner, Richardson Are Kids That Care

From left: Lexa Richardson and Myah Wagner From left: Lexa Richardson and Myah Wagner Myah Wagner and Lexa Richardson are the February Kids That Care at Fairlawn Haven Nursing Home, Archbold.

Myah, a sixth grader, is the daughter of Michael and Maria, Archbold. Maria works at Fairlawn, and Myah has spent many hours through the years helping the activity department.

She enjoys activities like sledding, swimming, and softball. She enjoys visiting residents at Fairlawn because she likes to see them smile.

She hopes to work in the medical field someday, so she finds nursing home work interesting.

Lexa, a home-schooled seventh grader, is the daughter of Cory and Sybil, Archbold. She has been involved with the Kids That Care program for three years, and enjoys visiting Fairlawn.

Her hobbies include singing, swimming, and playing soccer. Her favorite school subject is science. She would like to own a business someday.

Lexa enjoys visiting Fairlawn because she enjoys getting to know new people and spending time with them.

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