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Municipal Income Tax Up More Than 14%

The Archbold municipal income tax brought in $348,389.65 during the first month of 2012, Archbold Village Council members learned at their Monday night, Feb. 6 meeting.

That’s a 14.67%, or $44,558.95, increase from the same month in 2011, when the collection was $303,802.70.

No one at the meeting knew why the tax collection had increased so much.

“Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth,” said Dennis Howell, Archbold village administrator.

He said he would wait for more collections to come in before celebrating.


Council approved three contract matters during the meeting.

A contract with Andre Land Forming, rural Wauseon, for composting of yard waste collected by the village, was approved.

There are no changes in the company contract for 2011. Howell said the firm charges Archbold about $20,000 per year for the service.

When asked by a council member, Howell said much of the tree limbs and brush chipped by the village is used on various landscaping projects in the village.

Council also approved a price increase in a contract with ARS, Inc., for residential refuse collection service.

Howell said the current contract is set to expire on Dec. 31. Provisions in the contract allow for an increase up to the amount of inflation, which was 2.66% for 2011.

Howell said company offi- cials agreed to an increase of 1% per stop.

The change goes from $12.82 per stop per month to $12.95 per stop per month.

Howell told council members the number of residential refuse collection stops in the village increased from 1,748 in 2011 to 1,759 in 2012.

He said the reason for the increase is probably because homes in the village that were vacant in 2011 are now occupied.

The number of refuse collection stops is calculated based on the number of homes that receive water bills.

In response to a council question, Howell said the current $8 per month charge property owners receive for garbage service has not been changed since 2007.

Council also approved an amendment to the contract with the Buckeye Ohio Risk Management Association, or BORMA.

The village obtains health insurance for employees through BORMA. The change will see Medical Health Services, an arm of Medical Mutual, process claims for BORMA.

Executive Session

Council met in executive session for about 25 minutes during the Monday meeting.

The stated purpose for the closed-door session was contract discussions. No action resulted.

In another matter, Kevin Morton, councilman, asked about two village flagpoles.

The village purchased two fiberglass flagpoles– one for the village cemetery and one for downtown. Both have broken in high winds.

Replacements were expected to arrive this week. Howell said if the poles fail again, he would recommend asking the manufacturer for a refund, and pursuing another type of pole.

Council reviewed the police and street department reports.

Jeff Fryman, councilman, was absent.

All votes were unanimous.

The next council meeting Monday, Feb. 20, 7 pm, in council chambers.–David Pugh

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