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Stryker St. Is Surprise 2012 Project

Jim Wyse, Archbold mayor, said for the 2012 construction season, Stryker Street is a surprise project.

During his State of the Village address on Monday, Jan. 23, Wyse told members of the Archbold Area Chamber of Commerce that village officials planned to rebuild Stryker Street in 2015.

But the Ohio Department of Transportation announced it planned to resurface the roadway from Co. Rd. 24 to North Defiance Street in 2012.

ODOT has responsibility for Stryker Street, because it is also a portion of St. Rt. 2.

“If the state is going to spend some of their money, we’re not going to say no,” Wyse said.

As a result, Wyse said the village engineering department is evaluating the curbs along Stryker Street, eyeing whether it would be cheaper to replace the most damaged curbs along the street, or to simply install all new curbs.

When village officials planned the 2015 street rebuild, Wyse said they were planning to add a sidewalk along Stryker to the Westfi eld Medical Center.

Because of the proximity of houses and businesses to the street, “it’s not any easy place to stick a sidewalk,” Wyse said.

The original goal was to add the sidewalk at the same time the street was rebuilt.

“That way, we would make one big mess, and get it all fixed up,” he said.

But, he said with the project moved forward, the sidewalk will have to be put on hold.

Another issue impacted by the advance of the Stryker Street project is a planned rebuilding of the alley on the east side of the 100 block of North Defiance Street.

Originally scheduled for this coming construction season, Wyse said the alley work may be pushed back into the future.

North Buehrer, Schlatter, Burk

On the construction schedule for 2012 is reconstruction of North Buehrer, Schlatter, and Burk streets in the Lugbill addition.

The neighborhood has some storm drainage issues, and sanitary sewer lines are not very far underground, causing problems.

Wyse said the village has received $280,000 in State Issue II grant funding to help with the project.

He said council will probably send the project out for bids in February.

$10 Million

One project the village will need to look at in the future involves the sanitary sewer system.

After heavy rains in November 2011, the sanitary sewer lines became “surcharged”– overflowing with the usual inflow of raw sewage plus storm water that infiltrated the system.

It created a problem for the Archbold ConAgra plant, because the sewer pipeline was so full, the company could not dump its wastewater.

The temporary answer was to pump raw sewage out of the sanitary system and into the village storm sewers.

The problem, Wyse said, is all of the sanitary sewers on the north side of the village flow to one line, called an “interceptor.” ConAgra uses that same line to get rid of its wastewater.

Village engineers are studying possible solutions, including a large holding pond, additional pipelines, and some pumping systems to resolve the problem.

“This project will be very expensive,” Wyse said.

“I was told $10 million would not be out of line.”

“Nothing will happen quickly on this project. We have to find the best solution for our problems.”

$2.5 to $3 million

Also set for 2012 is an addition to the water treatment plant, a project that is expected to cost $2.5 to $3 million.

Wyse said village officials expect ground to be broken on the project in June. It is expected to take about one year to finish.

The addition is made necessary because of a new Ohio Environmental Protection Agency requirement reducing the amount of trihalomethanes in drinking water.

Trihalomethanes are byproducts of treating drinking water with chlorine.

“We believe the standard the EPA set is a little excessive, but we have to abide by the law,” Wyse said.

The addition will be added to the south side of the present water plant building.

The project will be funded by money collected from village water bills.–David Pugh

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